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    About 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' 3 Fan Episodes - Tom Servo and Crow needed!!!

    *You'll be paid $10 per completed episode.
    An everyman is held captive in outer space along with several robots. They are forced by a mad scientist(s) to watch the worst movies ever made. To keep his sanity, the man and his robots snark on the films, providing their own witty running commentary. They also preform sketches throughout the episodes often lampooning the films they've been subjected to.  

    For beginners, that's the basic concept and premise of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'.  Probably the quirkiest show to come out of the 90's and one of the most influential comedy television programs of all time. Of the 100+ movies featured on the show, only one character and film series has the distinction of being featured time, and time, and time, and time again. And that's GAMERA! A giant Japanese flying, fire breathing, space turtle who defends the earth against a plethora of villainous monster foes. My mission this summer is to create THREE fanfilms/fan-episodes featuring the three remaining classic Gamera films not spoofed on the show.  

    'Gamera vs Viras'

    'Gamera vs Jiger' 

    'Gamera Super Monster'

    Each fan episode featuring a commentary/"Riff",  as well as several sketches (and possible songs) 

    And to do it, I need your help! I'm holding a casting call for the voices of the impeccable robots Tom Servo and Crow T Robot! 


    - A good familiarity with the show, so you're not TOTALLY confused by what's asked of for these episodes (Above I've linked a pretty good tv-special on MST3K early on in the show's run. Watching this will give you a good idea of what this project is all about. I'll also link all the official 'Gamera' episodes below.) 

    - Willingness to dedicate time to THREE feature length episodes

    - Good mic quality 

    - Paypal


    - A Tolerance for so-bad-they're good Giant Monster movies

    - A sense of humor and strong comfortably with acting a bit silly ;) 

    Thank you and good luck auditioning! Huzzah! :)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold