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Lewis Films's Previously Completed Works

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About Spider-Woman (Minecraft Roleplay)


Hi, my name is Lewis Talbot and I am a fellow Minecraft filmmaker in the Minecraft Roleplay community. I make Marvel related Minecraft Roleplays over on the channel 'Slightly Insulting' along with other cool stuff! This casting call is for the upcoming Marvel Machinima on Slightly Insulting called 'Spider-Woman', following Jessica Drew and her story in the Marvel Universe. 


After the father left, Jessica Drew had to raise a child all by herself and has been a single Mother with her daughter Cindy ever since. Due to her child, she is constantly jumping around jobs whilst trying to keep a relationship between her and her British Mother and Father until head of Oscorp, Norman Osborn, offers her a big opportunity...

Characters for Casting

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

Miguel O'Hara

Martha Drew


Bruce Drew

 Police Detective



Final Word

All I can ask is if you'd like to audition make sure you have a decent quality mic and are respectful to others and make sure to have as much fun with it as possible! :)

About the Creator: LewisFilms

[Intro + Expereince]
Hey! My name is Lewis Talbot also known as LewisFIlms on social media and as you could probably tell, I love voice acting! I have been in this profession for a little under 2 years now and have a wide range of experience when it comes to doing voice work! I have played characters from a joyful teen of Peter Parker to a Psychotic killer like the Joker. 

I am purely here for experience in the voice acting community so if there is a role you would like me to full fill feel free to message me and I am happy to help out! 
[Social Media Presence]
If you are the slightest bit interested I have a YouTube channel with over 3,000 subscribers and growing, where I sometimes share my voice work and talent,

[Previous Roles]
Here are some of my previous roles to let you see what I've been up too! (Links to the projects will be to the first or second episode of the series meaning I might possibly not feature until later in the series)

The Ultimate LEGO Spider-Man [Director/Voice Actor/Producer/Writer]
Character: Harry Osborn / Justin Howard

Spider-Man Minecraft Roleplay Series [Voice Actor]
Character: Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) / J. Jonah. Jameson

Splash Studios' Ender-Boy | Minecraft Film [Voice Actor]
Character: John Jensen (Ender-Boy)

Splash Studios' Legendaries | Minecraft Film [Voice Actor]
Character: John Jensen (Ender-Boy)

Untitled Rotten Universe Series [Voice Actor]
Character: Lee Everett

Spider-Man 2000's Game Dub [Voice Actor]
Character: J. Jonah. Jameson

Marvel Comics Infinity Gauntlet Comic Dub [Voice Actor]
Character(s): Moon Knight / Extra

Continue The Story 2 - The Multiworld | Minecraft Film [Voice Actor]
Character(s): Jason Pierce (The Crow) / James

MADDCU's LEGO Flash Series [Voice Actor]
Character: August Hart

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold