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Golden Rings's Previously Completed Works

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About Sonic the Hedgehog - E1: Fallout, Part One


Hello everyone! First of all, my name is Harris and I have been looking to do fandubbing/audio-based projects for a while. I originally did some stuff for fun with friends towards the end of the Archie Comics series, though that never ended up anywhere. I never got into the IDW series at first due to being busy with other things in my life at the time, but when I did I got really into it! Now, I'm looking to get into actually working on a project that will be released publicly via YouTube.

Golden Rings as a channel and idea is mostly focused on Sonic-based media, the primary video idea currently is to do a dub/motion comic adaptation of the IDW Sonic series. In the future, there's potential to branch out into other things, and other franchises perhaps, but this whole interest in dubbing for me came primarily from my love of the Sonic franchise.


The series will be released on YouTube on a (hopefully) monthly basis, and each episode will generally cover one issue (mini-series such as Tangle & Whisper might be specials condensing the whole story into one). On top of the dubbing, sound effects and music will be mixed in. As such, auditions will probably be up somewhat frequently at first (the moment casting is settled for the first episode, for example, I'll immediately start casting for the second), this is to hopefully keep up a fairly steady production rate. Things might be rocky and not exactly to the monthly release at first, but hopefully we'll get there.


Interested in trying out for a role? Great! Below you'll find the roles for the episode, each one will have an image, a brief description and some voice lines, naturally. For the actual project, I will be providing comic panels for reference to help you figure out how to best do the lines. As far as the actual auditions go, I have a few general things I want to say:

  • Provide at least two takes of every line, each take, try to do the line a bit differently.
  • Don't feel obligated to imitate a VA that has played the character, if there is one. If you can do it really well, cool! But it's also cool to provide a new take on a character.
  • Clean, unedited audio! Don't add any filters/effects. If you can do it well and need to, you CAN use a bit of noise reduction, but I want to hear your voice unfiltered, also when it comes to the actual production, it'll sound more consistent if I'm processing unedited audio.

That's really it, I don't want to enforce too many things and drag down people from having fun with this, it's not an official product, and it's mostly just for fun! So please remember that and enjoy yourselves. With all that said, I hope to hear everyone's auditions soon!

About the Creator: GoldenRings

Amaetur fandub director, looking to work primarily in StH-based works currently, starting with an ongoing project to dub over the IDW comic series.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold