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Bugsynoname's Previously Completed Works

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    About sonic freedom fighters

    The original story of the comics series was set following an alien invasion which wiped out nearly all of mankind. The animals that survived mutated into animal/human hybrids, becoming the species known as mobians. After a long and bloody war between the humans and mobians, a dictator rose to power and crushed the mobian capital of Mobotropolis with his mechanical armies. Exiled from the homes, the escaped children of the fallen city bided their time in the forest of Knothole, and when they grew to young adulthood began rebel actions against the now mechanized city re-dubbed Robotropolis. The official leader of this band of Freedom Fighters was the princess Sally Acorn, but the figurehead and most looked-to member was Sonic the hedgehog, a cocksure daredevil with the ability to run faster then anything alive.

    The comic series (still running online today, making it the longest running franchise comic in history) told numerous stories, some exclusive to the european version of the comic, about the rebels struggle against the dictator enthroned in their late homeland. The characters are still iconic to anyone familiar with the fondly remembered television series Sonic the Hedgehog which was appreciated for its riskier, darker, approach to children's animation.

    but sff will audio based and it's speed high action comedy drama horror suspenseful love triangles psychological an the most important thing in Sonic freedom fighters character development

    About the Creator: bugsynoname

    Hello everybody on Bugsy no name and apparently I was locked out of my account for a while but now I got it back  I believe it's time to finally get back so why I made this account in the first place to find a proper team who will help me with my workload when it comes to working on my shows and even though they're fan-made I still want to finish them

    I'm just a small YouTuber with big aspirations  to see my projects through to the end and   you ever want to contact me  I'm always on Discord :bugsy noname#4128

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold