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    About SMILE Animation (Voice Actors and Actresses Needed!)

    In an alternate universe monsters are not only real, but all over in abundance, to the point where being a monster hunter is closer to being an exterminator! This is where the S.M.I.L.E. (Special Monster Investigation and Local Extermination) takes place.

    A ragtag group of young adults starting their own private business struggle to make ends meet all while fending off the terrifying monsters that most don't even know what to call. Can they kick ass and run a business at the same time?

    In a perfect world I could guarantee to make this an animated series, but at the moment the project all weighs on myself and a few friends, so if you get a part you will be in an animated short that shows the team's first adventure with August. I have the script for the first four episodes already written, and the animatic is finished but I still need voices to put in. This is where you come in.


    AGE: Preferably all of my voice actors sould be 18 or older. 

    MIC: You must have a decent microphone, and I will be harsh on this because there are so many tutorials on how to remove background noise. IF THE FIRST THING I HEAR IN YOUR RECORDING IS NOT YOUR VOICE I WILL NOT CONTINUE LISTENING.

    NO EFFECTS: I can add in effects in post if I see fit, but honestly none of the characters in this would have any effects applied anyways, aside from maybe the monsters.

    ACCESSABILITY: Preferably Skype, Facetime, or something similar. I do plan on doing live directing and getting to talk with everyone involved.

    ENTHUSIASM: You are more than welcome to adlib and mess around if it fits the part. I want my characters to be able to bounce off eachother and a sense of humor is appreciated.

    About the Creator: Peppersock

    I host projects occasionally, and I'm fairly easy to get a hold of for any questions. I have and email and discord linked below if I somehow miss you here or you want a quicker connection to me, just contact me for my email or discord.

    I also have a pretty wide vocal range, and I always love trying new things. So just let me know if there's any voices or "out there" projects you might need quality help with!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold