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About Project Shezzarine (aka: Followers Rewritten)



I'm making a huge quest mod, which also features male romance/friendship. I write the stories and make the dialogues in CK, and need voice actors and actresses.



Brief introduction:


I am making a mod that adds in-depth stories for VANILLA followers. At first, I only knew a few about CK, the best I could do was doing facelifting; but thanks to WraithSlayer's guidance, I know how to make the dialogues and very basic scripts. My major talent is composing stories and doing writing stuff.

In the mod, the player will get to truly understand and become actual friend or lover of some MALE followers (and some non-followers made followers). I don't plan to make female ones, at least for now, as there are plenty of female follower mods out there already.



Features of the final product:

- A brand new questline with numerous options, featuring what happens after the ending, marking the end of the Dragonborn's destiny

- Enriched vanilla NPC personality and background story
- Realistic romance with vanilla NPC
- Player's decisions and words have impacts to your relationship with the NPC and the whole story

The style of this mod's story will be epic, grim and dark, and occasionally grey.



Why do I want to make this mod:

Vanilla Skyrim has a great lot of characters, yet few of them are actually worth-noticing and remembering. 

It is understandable that Bethesda simply didn't have that much time and resources to write dozens or even hundreds of lines for each character. Unlike games such as Dragon Age, which the writers only have to focus on some dozens of lead casts and write some insignificant lines for the side characters, thus shape great main characters.

However, I don't believe the way how Bethesda writes their story should be accepted simply because they couldn't do the otherwise for the sake of feasibility - not while we writing modders can make a change by rewriting these characters in mods.

Skyrim has the potential to shape impressive and epic characters, given the tremendous lore background of The Elder Scrolls series. With our ability, plus the magnificent world Bethesda has created, we can make a game that has great stories.

I intend to rewrite Skyrim to its apex of epic.

Besides that, I also noticed that there are too little choices the player can possibly make in the game, in both conversations and quests; plus, the player's choices often do not matter to characters, let alone to the game's world. The dialogue choices usually fail to show the personality of the player character, thus roleplayability is not high to my standard. 

In this mod's rewritten stories, the player can say different things depending on their affiliation and personality, and make choices that influence the characters and eventually the entire of Tamriel.

I also hope to give better choices of romance to the players.


I know three mods that introduce male romance to the game: Skyrim Romance Mod (SRM), Amorous Adventures, and Interesting NPCs.


In SRM, the PC is unnaturally attractive. Every man added by this mod has irresistible desire to bang the PC, and most of them are similar in a lot of ways. They also speak unnaturally sweet, and I'm embarrassed whenever a man of SRM speaks to me. Only a teenage girl who fancy love stories like Twilight would find SRM exactly what she needs. The romance of SRM lacks depth as well.

(This is based on 1.0 of SRM. Hadn't got the time to try 2.0 yet)


Amorous Adventures adds 3 male romances: Vilkas, Farkas and Ralof. The "romance" of Ralof is not a romance at all, and that of Vilkas and Farkas lack depth; also, all three romances haven't even a single interesting point. In short, they're lame. But in fact, the author confessed that (s)he doesn't find making male romances easy or interesting, and won't do male romance in future; so we shouldn't demand too much in Amorous Adventures' male romances, as the author didn't intend to make them in the first place.


As for Interesting NPCs, romance is neither a main part or an important feature, so it shouldn't be listed at all.

Therefore, I wish to add some solid male romance options, which are not overly-sweet, Twilight-ish or lame. I want to make male romances that are natural and realistic, interesting and not lackluster, and most importantly- they should have depth for players to think about and consider.


And personally, as a game-lover, I'd love to gain experience of writing actual scripts and stories, so that I'd be more likely to be able to apply to a writing job in a game firm.




-Doing, Finished

Main story plot 100%

Onmund's Main Story dialogues 50%

College quests comments 100%

Civil War comments 100%

Main quests comments 100%

World interaction 85%

World Encounter comments 40%

Romance 25%

Facelift for Onmund and some NPCs 70%

Companions quests comments 100%

Thieves Guild quests comments 100%

Dark Brotherhood quests comments 80%

Zone creation 15%


-Not yet started, will do

City Quests comments

DLC support, including comments, new scenes and Hearthfires functions


-In plan

Compatibility with Vilja and Sofia


-Not in plan

Misc quests comments (Letter delivery, fetch random things etc)

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