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    About Sims 2 (Hacked Kids) Surviving Magnificent Revelations of Darkness, into Destiny’s Dawning Paths of Memories! Season 1! Episodes?

    Plot-There was a ancient town that had been named after, many generations of different families a long ago named Ganavo Heavon Basila. In which many river streams had flowed upon the land and with mostly orange,yellow,blue,purple,flowers where they bloomed flowingly so peacefully! Along with many different types of grasses along with a lot long trees all around within the area. Now fasting forward to the present day, which all takes place within the year 2010, starting off in the month of august during the summer time. Gariano’s great great great family had been the first family that had claimed the land within the country similar to U.S but it’s not America but it’s called Mecieruodan!

    That had all been founded in the year A.D 1325 in the 14th century! That then had been named to what we already are familiar with today!  They’re the original builders of this beautiful town from so long ago! Since they’re the owners of this town, that had made them one of the richest families ever known! Because of the companies they owned such as blacksmith shops and agriculture trade shops! And they had aided within the currencies development, of money that were called Rarola Haraveonia Dollors! But they were not the only ones that had been behind its development! That all had all tooken place 100’s of years later! Although their was another very well known family in 1335 A.D., that had not been the owners of this town! Yet they’re still richer then most of the other family’s, expect for the owners of the land! Gariano’s great family has had many protectors, since they guarded the town from all of demons and other creatures including evil witches from their own species! That would try to evade and harm their town. They have had much more success since than, at protecting their own town from these creatures! Along with the whole world from other dimensions, in which these creatures had came from! Such as vampires,werewolfs,Demon Foxes, and other creatures! But something really bad had happened one time to one of the protector’s! That had gave his own life against the powerful, evil demon who only a half human in 1350 A.D! Many great peaceful things had happened later, until a slow down had happened in 1825 A.D from a lack balance between all of the dimensions within the universe plain of galaxy’s! A young by hero by the name of Gariano and Kelton within the current timeline, have been training with his father for quite sometime in the human world! In order to for both of them to become strong enough to protect, their love ones along with the people they care about from evil creatures from other world and people! So will Gariano and Kelton their friends succeed or will the darkness, start over taking them by quite bit leading down a path of evil. Or will both of their paths of fate become his light that he chooses.What will become of our younger hero’s fate, and how will Gariano’s and Kelton memories of what they experience affect them both along with their friends!  

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