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Lady Slytherin's Previously Completed Works

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    About Shakespeare, Slightly Abridged: Titus Andronicus

    In this particular play there is murder, violence, and sexual assault, to list a few. (There are no sexual noises, or sexually explicit scenes, just references in the general sense)  Should consider this 18+ material.  (Audition regardless if you feel you can handle the material.)

    This is a play that I preformed in last summer, I will be reprising my role as Lucius, so that role will be unavailable.   As a gesture of thanks to the phenomenal director, I would like to turn it into an audio book for them. 

    Sadly I don't have any money to offer, however this is an excellent resume builder because not everyone can pull off Shakespeare.  I will also give a copy of the completed work to all that participate.

    Almost all of the characters will be male/female, as my director had it performed.  Gender does not matter, it's the life that you bring to the role, in this case, voice.  So try out for anything and everything!

    This play is very brutal, but it has such complex characters that at times, you don't know who to root for.  

    Important Information To Know

    1.) As soon as the last person is cast I am going to start "rehearsals".  We will figure out everyone's schedule on that day.

    2.) I am going to want 3 weeks of "rehearsals" where we break down the script, the language for those new to Shakespeare, scansion, and character choices, and the feel I want for the project.  This will be before any lines are recorded.

    3.) You will need Discord  (, since I can post the script and other information pertaining to the project easily there.  Also we will be having our "rehearsals" there.

    4.)  After "rehearsals" are done, each voice actor will get a maximum of 5 weeks to record lines, I would prefer them sooner so I can start the final product and get it out to you all.

    5.) I believe the final run time will be 2.5-4 hours, it's hard to tell till I start putting it all together.

    6.)  I will be posting this on youtube, the youtube channel will be made when people have submitted lines so we can make an epic teaser trailer for the audio book!

    7.) If you are cast please let me know what name you would like to be credited under.  I want to make sure I get the spellings right and all those sorts of things so you can get credit where the credit will certainly be due.

    I have made a Discord group, for people wanting live feedback which can happen with the voice channel, for people wanting to ask questions, learn more about the project, get inside information, and feedback, or just talk with others interested in the project, you can also post line retries there.  
    Be warned if you spam, or are disruptive I will kick you from the group.

    You don't need to know how to do Shakespeare, I just have to like your voice,  please give it a try!!

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold