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Pecheythelizard's Previously Completed Works

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    About Scatman John Remix Album!

    Do you like Scatman John? (Or possibly love???) Would you like to help make some remixes by having your voice be the center of some of the fan favorites of Scatman John? Then join the club! because i want to make some remixes of some of my favorite tracks! and seeing as that there are little to no official vocal tracks from the deceased legend himself, I want this to be an obvious fan album from you and I to the world!

    I will take tryouts for a while, but I need everyone to please be as patient as possible! I make music as a hobby and passion, and am currently attending College as it is right now, so i would work on these little remixes on my own time~

    As I was saying, Scatman John not only left a mark on those of us who wish for a better world, but also reach to us who were born into this hell hole we call Earth. To help relieve some of the stress of recent political outcries, I would love you to come together and help me make some remixes of a few of my (Or possibly YOUR) Personal favorites from the man himself! 

    Here Is the list of song vocals I would love to have sung:

    1. Scatman's World

    2. Mambo Jambo

    3. Everybody Jam

    4. Invisible Man

    5. (I want to) Be Someone

    6. People Of The Generation

    As this IS a remix album, I will not be selling or making any profit from this album. Besides, the man deserves love even after death. This being said, i should also explain in which genre and tempos will be remixed. Currently I am thinking in the style of UK Hardore/Happy Hardcore (since it's my main focus in terms of genre) But i would probably also experiment in BPM's of 150-170. so put on that little metronome of yours and sing for me, guys! I hope to hear alot of great vocals! (also leave me a little message in your recording of your favorite song by scatman, and to how he has influenced you growing up!)

    This will be a Work In Progress for a long time, but I hope everyone can pardon my schedule and will hang in tight! I'll leave updates nad hopefully i can have some love put into these vocals and songs all together! Anyone who also participates, you will be able to download the whole album in WAV format for those who DJ or just prefer whole albums in superb quality! All of these tracks will go to bandcamp as Free or as PWYW (where i will make sure people will not pay for it)

    Can't wait to see if this heads somewhere, guys! Happy singing!

    About the Creator: pecheythelizard

    Hi there! My name is Devon (Or pech)

    I Make music, and I draw! i randomly found this site while looking for voice auditions for my Undertale remixes im making, and i decided hey, lets make a profile so people dont think im a weirdo!


    Here's my Soundcloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/devon-snyder
    And here is my DeviantArt ~ http://dragonwolf1234.deviantart.com/


    I may ask you guys if i can sample your auditions for my remixes, so i'll make this clear: 

    -It's okay if you dont want me to use your samples, don't worry ^^'''

    -If i am allowed, then when i am finished. I will GLADLY feature you in the song (Song name Feat. Person sampled)

    -The person who i am sampling may gladly ask for any updates, or possible demo's~

    -more importantly, i hope you enjoy what i make with your voices!


    If you have any concerns about me using your voice, please dont be afraid to tell me so ^^

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold