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Bluenight456's Previously Completed Works

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About Scarlet Secret (Minecraft roleplay) lgbtq+

Scarlet secret is a minecraft roleplay that a human girl goes to a vampire academy. She has to face challenges, avoid death and has to learn the true of herself and the academy

Here are some rules that must be attended

 1: No fighting

2: Respect the owners and helpers

3: Turn your lines on time (I can accept a day late but no more then that)

4: No stealing other people work

5: Be on time when schedule are planned

6: No harassing others

7: You only get two chances so once you get a strike three, you kick, Ban and will not allow to be apart of the roleplay

8: No homophobia's allowed here

9: No demanding roles unless it is requested

10: Have fun and get to know others an work together

After you have any question for me then I'll leave my discord here got ya

discord: NightBlood101#5784

About the Creator: bluenight456

I'm a hardworking Youtuber and worker that would try to help others with their confident and challenges 

My friend and I work hard to come this far on making these auditions for people to join and work hard with us to achieve goal and get to know one another of our workers

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