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    About RPG Squad! An Audio Reconstruction of the Troperiffic RPG!

    An interactive look into this world here! 

    This is a story all about how a bunch of people in a fantasy RPG got their lives turned to hell. You play people documenting all of it in an in-universe newsletter!

    RPG Squad is intended to be a reconstruction of the video game parody story that’s been done straight/deconstructed/parodied with works such as 8-Bit Theater, The Order of the Stick, Goblins, Erfworld, and RPG World. Instead of lampshading, deconstructing or simply parodying the standard fantasy-RPG-styles, I intend to play the story straight, stupid cliches and all, acknowledging they exist, but exploring why we not only constantly remember them, but why we like them so much, from the storylines to the game mechanics.

    Just a quickie, the Squad itself is basically a system in Gaia that’s a combination of the League of Legends and the UN. A politically neutral organization that hires “champions” from around the world to be used in controlled battles to settle international disputes in place of all-out warfare, which has just gotten past its first year in place, with nearly 100 champions from all over Gaia as representatives.

    The series is set up as a radio news show in-universe from a location in the world called Capital City, the show being the Capital City Press (pretty straightforward haha). The world of Gaia is a fantasy world that likes to overlap a bit of futuristic technology, and while there is some conflict in terms of ideologies, it’s relatively stable (see above link for a more in-depth explanation, although feel free to ask me if it’s too overwhelming), and they have a magic-techno-stand-in for the internet called the Maginet, which the series is broadcast over.

    I've been considering doing work on developing stories for this world in various methods for a few years, but have lacked the proper resources to do so in other various methods, like webcomics which take can take way too long to draw and write, or even an actual game itself, which takes WAAAY too long to draw, write, program, playtest, debug, etc. However, with the slow rebirth of the radio drama in form of storytelling podcasts over the last few years, I feel this is the best way to venture into the world of Gaia right now, as there are lots of creative possibilities (though if this actually goes somewhere, other ventures are definitely NOT out of the question!).

    The show covers events of the world at its own pace (real-time would just be insane), generally giving stories and establishing the lore of Gaia in a diegetic manner, with news reports, interviews with the characters and spoken articles/editorials.

    But as for who I’m looking for, I’m simply looking for the main personnel of the radio show. Just about 4 recurring crew members at this point is all I need in order to have a lot of personality to the world and not just be some generic grimdark dreck.

    Also looking for some one-shot characters to play specific champions. These people aren’t recurring characters, which should be very good for those with busy schedules or communication issues. The immediate champions in need are also below alongside general profile (mildly elaborated in the above link again). I may be updating them or sending out another casting call for other champs in the future, so keep an eye open if you're interested. :)

    If you’re interested in any of these roles, contact me.

    Thanks for your interest! :]


    Rudimentary Guidelines while recording audition lines:

    -Make sure your recording isn’t just audible/discernible, but clear. Background noise will affect my consideration of your audition; if your mic is decent-quality but there is still some hum, just fiddle around with noise removal if you can help it. :)

    -Volume should be loud and audible (but seriously, NO CLIPPING THAT’S REALLY REALLY BAD). Slap a compressor if need be.

    -Seriously, don’t just blaze through in one take. Take your time; consider your audition to be something I’d consider legitimately putting in the final project, so no dry reads.

    -If I decide to cast you, contact my email (above) within a week at most to send full scripts, specs, additional contact info etc.

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