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    About Rocking Live! (Love Live! Abridged)

    Hey guys! My name's William (aka Destroyerwill / Crazyrussianguy) and I'm making a Love Live! Abridged series and I need voices! Firstly, I just want to say that anyone who auditions is bound to get a role of some kind. I'm going to say that again: ANYONE WHO APPLIES WILL GET A ROLE!

    Now, I'm not saying it'll be a big role but it'll be something. I'llalways need voices for background stuff so yeah! I'll trying to give everyone a fair go so even if your mic is trash, I'll find a place for you!

    Now the title of this Abridged series will be RockingLive! Yeah,I know, original right? Anyway, anyone can audition for anything.I don't care if you're a guy, girl, deep voice, light voice, experienced, etc. It doesn't matter, just try your best with whatever voice and we'll love it. Now we have the character descriptions in the usual place so I won't explain them here but just follow the description and you should be fine!

    So there are a couple of conditions you should have to accept before you consider auditioning:

    1.Don't have a terrible mic. I know I said I'd give everyone a "fair go" but if you sound like you're talking into a potato, you're probably not gonna get a main role. (Although I will find something for you so don't worry too much)

    2:This is just a warning but there will be a lot of swearing and most definitely some dark jokes and stuff so be okay with saying that typeof shit. There's actually something me old grandad told me that rings true 'ere. He told me: Ifyou don't like it, you can fuck off" 

    3:There will be singing in this show. Now you don't have to be a good singer but, you know, it'd be appreciated if you could. Also you gotta be open to singing or at least trying to. I don't care if you think you're bad, it'll be funny no mater what.

    Now if you want feedback on any of your auditions, hit me up on skype or email!

    Skype: destroyerwill

    E-mail: [redacted]

    If people are interested and actually want to be a part of this, I'll end up creating a Skype group. Anyone's invited, so if you want to join, just ask!

    That's about it! I hope y'all have fun and may the odds be forever in your favour!

    (Also all the other characters in Love Live! will be cast later on but I might pick a few people from these rounds of auditions to play them)

    About the Creator: crazyrussianguy

    Yo yo peeps! I love voicing things so if y'all got something for me, I'll take it ;) 

    I love all things video game or anime/cartoon related so, ya know, if you wanna chat, I'm totally up for it!

    I've been writing a story for the last year but have been imagining the universe for at least three years now. I probably should have written it out but OH WELL! I'm eventually gonna make something out of it but I'm always open to listening to anyone's stories as long as you can do the same for me :D

    That's it, I'm done

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold