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About Refund High School Webtoon Fandub (3rd Batch)

Hello! Thanks for stumbling upon my casting call. Refund High School is a fairly new webtoon, with only 11 episodes so far, but I just found it so good that I had to make a fandub for it.

I am currently working on two other fandubs, Where Tangents Meet and Girls of the Wild's. You can see my other works in the "Previous Works" section to get a feel for what the end product will look like.

Please note that this is a long-term project. If you do not wish to dedicate your time to it, please do not audition. That being said, each episode will probably take a month or two to finish so deadlines for lines won't be too big of an issue. In order to get a bit of leeway, episodes won't start being uploaded on youtube until at least 3 episodes have been completed.

So basically in this webtoon, once you die you get sent to the underworld. If you resented/regretted the life you lived, you have the option of studying at Refund High School. After you graduate there, you can be reborn and have the ability to choose what kind of life you want to live. However, your memory of your past life is taken from you and you have to do well on exams in order to regain parts of your memory.

The story follows four protagonists - Aru, Gunn, Sehui, and Mari - as they enter Refund High School after being killed by a car accident that involved all of them. Descriptions of their past life (ep1-2) will be in their role bios.



- Be prepared to stay for this long-term project

- A good quality mic; little to no background noise

- Have a Discord (I will also be live directing on there as well)

- Be expressive/emotive, unless your role tells you otherwise

- Have fun!

Roles will be cast by each episode. Extras will be accepted in every batch

Third Batch (Current):

Gossiping Girl A

Gossiping Girl B

Idol Manager

Idol Member

First Batch:

Aru Kim - Jay Levi

Gunn Ryu - Cpottzy

Sehui Seong - Maiko

Mari Kim - The YaxiCat

Aru's Brother - Nikko therealeternal

Aru's Mom - AndreaMars

Aru's Family (will be selected from extras)

Second Batch:

Grim Reaper - Otaks

King Yemma - SaltyHalcy

Mr. Oh (not on CCC) - Lucaricross

More roles will be added as we go, so please check back often!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold