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    About (RECASTING) Hamilton: A Genderbend Musical

    Hello there! I am Vina and I am proud to present my project:

    Hamilton: A Genderbend Musical
    As the name implies, it is a gender bend cover of possibly all the Hamilton songs
    I am recasting because most of the original crew have either dropped out or quit the project entirely 
    You do not need to know how to read music- vocal guides will be assigned to your voice part/range- Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass 
    This project will last a long time
    Be prepared to be committed 

    A list below are the roles already taken:
    Alexandra Hamilton (Me)
    Georgia Washington (Mint, my co-director)
    Jane Madison/Heracles Mulligan (Faze) 
    Angelico Schuyler (Jojo)
    Elijah Schuyler-Hamilton (Sebastian)
    Marie de Lafayette/Thomsin Jefferson (Anna)
    Sally Seabury/Charlotte Lee/Jane Reynolds/Georgia Eacker (Haley) 

    1. Have a clear, almost noise-free mic 
    2. Be capable of harmonizing in a chorus. Also, you are free to offer yourself up as a chorus member if you want to sing a song that does not involve your character
    3. Have clear communication skills- do not be afraid to talk to the director or co-director regarding personal or singing related issues 
    4. Have a Google email for the script document
    5. Have Skype so that you can interact with the people in the group chat (this is OPTIONAL but I'd like people to at least be acquainted with their brother (if you're a Schuyler brother) or fellow founding mother/revolutionary brah 
    5. Be committed to the project- this will take quite a while to cover 
    6. At least be aware of what Hamilton is- you don't have to be a fan. 
    7. Be capable of submitting lines in the given time (if needed, an extension will be given. The time given for the voice actor to sing and record is going to be either 3 weeks or a month) 
    8. Be comfortable in showing your face online. Every member, including myself, will show their voices in the video as it will be both a vocal and visual experience. You can use a pseudonym. Also you must wear several outfits that properly represent your character and the change they went from (EX: For me, Hamilton, I will wear a light colored jacket in Airen Burr and then switch it to a blue one in Helpless)
    9. Be comfortable during rehearsals. We will have one possibly every two weeks or weekly to bond or practice certain songs if needed.
    Rehearsals will give me, the director, an idea of what you're capable of singing wise and what needs to be improved upon. 
    If you have no idea, I will try my best to give you your range 
    10. Have fun. Don't stress. Leave that to me and my co-director and remember, you are representing the members of the Hamilton fandom not Hamilton itself.

    About the Creator: vinadubs

    Hello, I am Vina and, like you, I am an aspiring voice actress and singer. I have a range of G3-G5. 

    I love cartoons, anime, comics, and manga. Currently, my obsessions are musicals. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold