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Luna Wolf Kitten's Previously Completed Works

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    About Rainbow Star~ Minecraft Roleplay

    All the open roles are at the top! The other roles have been cast or I don't need them (most likely because there are multiple). Please note, if you aren't in the discord server after a month of me casting you or you haven't at least contacted me on casting call (if you don't have discord or you're having trouble joining the server), I will reopen the role. You can audition again or contact me saying you're still interested but keep in mind I may have found another VA by then. If not though, you can have the role. Also, please note that some of the skins will be changed.

    I'll also need body actors!!!


    ~Must have discord (that's how I'll communicate with you)

    ~Must be nice!

    ~Must be interested rather than just being here for the sake of being here and not because you want to be.

    ~Must be patient with me. This may take a while (years possibly) for me to even be able to start this because my computer sucks. 

    Discord server!!! (Even if you don't her cast it are waiting ti know, you can join. I'll most likely need more help with stuff anyway and also you can come to hang out) : https://discord.gg/nwhtdVR

    Hair colour key:

    Red: Fire class

    Blue: Water class

    Green: Earth/nature class

    Yellow: Wind/

    Purple: Moon/night/shadow

    Orange: Sun/day

    Blonde/brown/black: Normal.

    Pink: Non-natural/one of the Shadows (The element is random)


    It's a word where magical beings exist alongside normal mortals. Well, kinda. Only magical beings know about magic. They're the only ones who can see it. Magical beings are sorted by hair colour (which mortals don't question). At most, someone can have 2 colours. Well, except for Luna. Luna is special in the way that she had all 6. No one believes that's possible except for in the legends. The legend of magic. Luna knows this legend and is forced to hide her hair. When she attends a school called Startlight High, she just wanted to be a mortal. Unfortunately, there was no way for that. Starlight High is a school where mortals (also known as Miras) and magical beings (Liras) are both welcomed. Normally, Liras have to go to different schools due to the learning but, after the recent reveal of their existence, only one school decided to allow Miras. Miras don't understand a lot about Liras yet but that is why they can attend that school (even though they still can't see the magic). Luna was able to attend that school as a Mira for the first bit until a piece of her coloured hair showed. Now she has to hide the rest of the colours. She is moved to a Lira class but doesn't know where to start with using magic.


    Mira: A human with no magic.

    Lira: A human with magic.

    Zira: A human that is half Lira and half Mira.

    Mix: A Lira with 2 powers.

    Shadows: A group of Miras who hated Liras. They gained magic and now are trying to get stronger to rule the world (cliche right?)

    Full blood: A Lira with only 1 power.

    Acceptance club: A club for Liras, Ziras, and Miras. It’s a club for everyone to feel welcome.

    Security club: A club of juniors and seniors (mostly seniors) who are in charge of the safety of the students at the school. 

    Guardians: A group of people who are in charge of keeping the Liras/Ziras safe from the Shadows.Originally their job was to keep the secret of magic. No one really knows this but their symbol is a crescent moon and 2 stars. They sometimes go undercover for safety of others. They are also the group responsible for the protection of the Rainbow Star.

    Note! For the lead roles, I'll probably wait a bit to decide whether or not I'm casting you. That's because those roles are important and I want to make the best choice. For small roles or helper stuff, I'll probably cast quickly enough. 

    The roles of Luna and Lily are already taken by me and my friend.


    About the Creator: LunaWolfKitten

    Nothing much about me. I'd be happy to help with stuff!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold