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About WickedLittleRed

Hey! My name is Bella and I have been voice acting for about four years. I've also had many years of acting and singing experience in the past.

Some of the voices I do best are "mean girls", teenagers, higher pitched voices, and young characters.

I am also working on my own animated series called Deranged.

I started songwriting about three years ago and I specialize in creating songs for indie animated series in a musical theatre style. You can find some of my music on YouTube channels such as Deranged and Studio Arentain.

  • @mikeygx

    LittleRed’s voice is just what I was looking for when casting Raven for my comic dub of a fan comic called Bloodclan: The Next Chapter. I feel like she really captured who Raven was and I could feel every bit of emotion put into ever line, every sentence, every word. Truly remarkable.

  • @animeriomc

    I used to be in the Yandere Highschool roleplay team and when i saw the casting call page I had a look at some of the auditions and the one that WickedLittleRed did for Lekisha was really good!