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    About Project MYSTERY: A Love Live Radio Drama Project!

    Hello, and welcome to Project MYSTERY! 
    We will be a group that focuses on recording a series of radio dramas for YouTube that focus around the girls of Muse! The story of the dramas will be decided via votes after the group has been formed. Our videos will play out much like the stories in SIF, so we will also be needing artists, animators, etc. I will be self casting as Hanayo. We will be communicating via discord.
    First, a few rules:
    1. Be nice to everyone! I don't care how amazing your voice is, if you're unkind to anyone, I WILL NOT cast you, and if you have already been casted, you WILL leave the group. There is no place for drama and rude people within the group. However, I understand, no one gets along perfectly 100% of the time. Just please, settle disagreements without hurling insults.
    2. Please have a decent mic! If possible, don't have too much background noise, or have your mic pop, have a lot of static, etc.
    3. Please be able to commit! This will be a somewhat long-term project. If you already are in 4 other cover groups, I wouldn't suggest auditioning. Please don't overwork yourself! 
    4. Your parts need to be turned in on time. Each episode will be quite a bit of work to complete, so we don't want to have to delay things because of lines being late. You will have plenty of time to record, though! And I have no problem extending deadlines, in case there is an emergency, you get sick, etc, I just need to know beforehand!
    5. Please perform your lines with emotion. Please. That's that whole point of this project for goodness sake. If your character shouts something, please don't whisper it. I understand that you may have people nearby that you don't want to disturb, and/or you don't want to max out your mic, but please just don't whisper. I beg of you.

    We will be needing: 
    8 Voice Actors
    A Narrator(The Narrator won't have a ton of lines, but they'll probably set the scene for each chapter.)
    Animators and Artists(The artists will be in charge of drawing sprites for the videos, and the animation doesn't have to be anything fancy at all. They'll just be putting the videos together.)
    Mixers and Composers(We'll be needing music to set the scene for our episodes! That will be the composer's job. It doesn't need to be anything super fancy,  just something similar to video game music that you hear in the background during cutscenes.)
    Writers(Obviously, we'll need writers to help us with our stories!)

    PLEASE ALSO FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM WHEN YOU AUDITION. Thank you, and good luck! I can't wait to hear your auditions!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold