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Mystic Mania's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project Sonic 300 (Public title currently)

    Project 300




    Knuckles The Echidna is guarding the Master Emerald and the seven Chaos Emeralds on Angel Island, when suddenly, they start emitting an odd shockwave. Tails picks up on this, so he and Sonic use the Tornado 2 to fly over to the island. A flashing special ring ( The one used to warp you to Special Stages in various Sonic titles. ) forms from this spike of energy, and instinctively, Sonic hops through it, as well as Tails & Knuckles, thus closing the ring, sending them 300 years into the future. Little did they know, Dr.Eggman had been the cause of this. He had used the power of a fake Chaos Emerald to bring himself to the future a week before. His plan was to study the true power of the seven gems and their master without any blue, red, or yellow pests, but it seems that his actions had consequences...




    The genres for the game would be the following: Hack and Slash, Action-Adventure, and platform. The combat mechanics would be heavily based on the Bayonetta video game series. This game will feature the player controlling Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles at the same time. ( Similar to that of Sonic Heroes. ) In Bayonetta, light and heavy attacks are useable within the game, and can be linked together to create powerful attack chains. This combat system is present within the game, however, there is a difference. For example, you are playing as Sonic, and you have Knuckles and Tails by your side. Whenever you chain with light attacks, Tails partners with you in your attacks, however, when you chain with heavy attacks, Knuckles joins in your attacks. If you play as Tails, Sonic will be your light ally, with Knuckles as your heavy ally, and if you play as Knuckles, Tails is your light ally, while Sonic would be your heavy ally. Rather than obtaining new weapons, new techniques and abilities will be one way of expanding the characters’ combat capabilities, allowing for new combos and approaches to be taken  when battling. In this game, the environment itself will be a focus here, and as such, the game will have an open world to explore. New areas and locations will be discovered, and using the unique abilities and traits of each character, you have full control of how to explore this brave new world. The stages of the game will feature intense and fast-paced combat, battling Dr.Eggman's new and advanced robots using the unique abilities between each of the characters.




    This will be a non-profit project. This means that no money will be paid to any team members for this work. I have decided to use this structure, due to there being no fair or honest way to divide any money between team members. I apologise for this inconvenience.

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