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About Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage [ENGLISH FANDUB]

Hello! I'm Jill! After a very long long time and lots of computer struggles that have led to my previous projects being deleted I'm finally back with not only a new/better computer but also with a new project that I'm very determined to create and finish.

As a child, I have always been a huge fan of magical girls and my favorite series was Pretty Cure. As of recently I have been re-watching some of the series and movies and I had the idea to do a fandub of one of the All Stars movies, Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi. This movie is around 71 minutes and I'm currently looking for some voice actors/actresses to provide the voices for the characters! For this project, I'll collaborating with my good friend Inverti Herikawa. He's an amazing VA and someone I can trust to help me get this project done.  As for me, I'll be self-casting myself as Erika Kurumi/Cure Marine as I do believe I can provide a decent voice for her. 

I'm hoping to get this project done sometime mid 2018 and I expect all voice actors to be responsible with turning in their provided lines in time. This project already has most of the movie pre-mixed with SFX and BGM so I know for a fact this will get done! 

For those auditioning, I'd like for you to state what microphone you're using. If you're going to use a phone/laptop/Tonor/webcam/headset mic, then you'd be automatically ruled out. 

As for sounding like the character, you're free to look at the Japanese dubs and try to replicate the voice but you're also allowed to put your own unique flair into your audition! Just as long as it fits the character's personality. 

If you're going to be cast for this project, I expect full dedication! This project is going to take a while since this is a full movie after all so if you know you are not able to commit, please do not audition. 

And finally, if you're cast for this project, I expect you to have a Discord as that is the best way I can keep in contact with the entire cast and production crew through a Discord server that's specifically for this project.

That's all I have to say. Thank you for reading all of this and I wish you all luck! 

~Jill ♥

About the Creator: StardustzVA

Hello! I'm Jillian!

I do online voice acting and singing, though I think out of both of the two, voice acting is more fun! 

If you ever need to contact me please contact me on either:

Discord: Jillian Z. (Valerie)#0986

Twitter: @JilleyfishVA

Thanks for stopping by my CCC profile!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold