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Ajcrimson's Previously Completed Works
    About Persona 6 (A Detailed Persona Fan-Game)

    Hello! This is for an extremely detailed fan game, so detailed that it’ll feel like you’re playing a real persona game. I’ve been working on this for a while, and it’s titled “Persona 6”. One of the my favorite parts of the Persona franchise are the voice-talents, and how they portray the characters, so I am searching for someone who can fulfill those roles

    (Discord Server: https://discord.gg/S5Sa2Sp3)

    About the Creator: ajcrimson

    My online persona is Crimson, you can call me Crimson if that’s better for you. I love to work on non-profit fan projects for the franchises I love. This “Persona 6” game is going to be on another level of detail than my other projects, so I would love to know if any of you are interested in Auditioning. More roles will be added in the future as a get more characters out there. Thank you!