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About Pandora Hearts ✥ Fandub

Please note that this casting call is specifically to cast the other main characters, along side the characters that will appear in the first episode alone. More casting calls will be created for further supporting characters in future.

Now.... Let's Begin!

Brief Overview:
To summarise, this project will be a simple fandub (non-parody) of the anime Pandora Hearts that will be uploaded onto youtube after the completion of the pilot episode. The reason we chose to dub this work in particular is mainly just because we're huge nerds for the manga & it has previously gone without any english voice acting. ehehe~

Length of the Project:
Pandora Hearts is a pretty long show, so if we pursue making more than a few pilot episodes, the series could take upwards of a year to produce, depending on if we get any help.

Auditioning / Requirements:

  1. 1. An okay mic - it doesn't have to be some $1000 studio standard audio, however we ask you to have no / as little as possible background noise and such. Heck, record in a closet if you have to.
  1. 2. A clear voice - unless it specifices so in your lines or role, you shouldn't be mumbling and your words should definitely be understandable.
  1. 3. Acting Ability - you don't have to win oscars here, but put in as much effort as possible when directed to emote, or act a certain way. Try not to over do it though, this isn't an animal shelter commerical. Please note that if I see potential in you, I will try to direct you toward an even better delievery. Take nothing to heart.
  1. 4. Discord or Skype - this will be where the majority of communication, and file sharing will take place, especially if you are cast. Please make sure you have an account.

How will casting work?

We will be providing a description of how the characters voices should sound and the personality of said character, please try to follow the info that is presented if you can. The less detailed the description is, the more fun you can have with it.

The three main factors we look for in an audition to cast, from least to most important, are...

- Audio quality       - Volume & Voice    - Amount of Effort

Have those simple things & you'll go far kid, ehehe~

About the Creator: N q r s e

Salutations, my loyal subjects!

I am Nqrse, as you probably gathered already, but you can really call me however you'd like. I act as a hobby, since I enjoy it, but ironically I'm actually an aspiring director.  
I'm always open to give and receiving advice (I'm better at doling it out than you'd expect,) so feel free to hit me up any time.

Forever wishing I could do and pull off a convincing guy voice. Please God, if you're out there, deepen my vocal range.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold