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Magnolia Fan's Previously Completed Works

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    About (PAID) The Nightmare from Beyond videogame

    Hello, this is Sergio from The Domaginarium. We're a small game developer from El Salvador and we're currently working on a cosmic horror themed 3d platformer titled "The Nightmare from Beyond" (it's basically "Tomb Raider meets Lovecraft).

    The Nightmare from Beyond is a cosmic-horror third person platformer inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. You take on the role of Sanja, a young woman from the D'nyg race, as she explores a mysterious land in search for her sister, Dajana (more information here )

    We're looking for voice actors that could bring life to our characters (a sample of the characters you can find in the game is this ), listed below:

    Sanja and Dajana, the female protagonist and her twin sister
    : a teen / young woman from an alien race (she will speak in english); she speaks with a soft voice but strong accent (scottish, irish, welsh, australian) and uses a few (invented) slang words.

    2 Female NPC
    : a young female from the same alien race; she uses a more "standard" english, and could use a north-american accent.

    Jyan, male NPC
    : a young male from that same alien race; he uses "standard" english and could also use a north-american accent.

    Other information
    : the story for the game is heavily inspired on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, more specifically The Dunwich Horror and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Also, the game is heavily inspired by old PS2-era horror games like Silent Hill, Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose. The game includes parts that are violent or cruel, but does not include cursing or bad/explicit language. Although all characters are from the same race, the use of different accents means to portray the fact that they are from different colonies/regions.

    This is a paid work. Please let me know your rates when you sent me the PM.

    About the Creator: magnolia_fan

    I'm Sergio from independent video game developer The Domaginarium. I'm always open to meet voice actors for current or future projects.

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