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    About Overwatch PC Group Roleplay (CURRENTLY CHOOSING ROLES)

    Overwatch PC players! I'm looking for people to team up with!


    I want some people to play with on PC, and it'd be roleplay-style in character kinda thing. I thought it'd be fun to record some for my YouTube channel too! This is a fairly leisure-styled project, so worst comes to worst we just end up teaming up and epically taking over custom servers. Comic dubs are also a possibility if people want to

    If I cast you, PLEASE respond as quickly as possible, I will message you the group discord server!

    (My main is Tracer, so I'll be playing/voicing her! [I also main Widow, but I'm only semi-fluent in French....]  I put the recording of my Tracer voice lines below so you guys could see mine for reference)

    What I'm looking for:
    -Closest sounding voice to the english version of the character
    -clear microphone (it doesn't have to be perfect but I have to be able to hear you. Listen to my audio for tracer if you aren't sure if yours is good enough!)

    -Overwatch on PC (this is the platform we'll be playing on)
    -discord (how we'll communicate))
    -over 13 years of age (its mandatory in case I am to use this on YouTube. But, you ARENT required to be over 18!)
    -no harsh language
    -make sure your microphone can be used while in game so that we can record the video at the same time as audio
    -be able to talk as your character fluently, so that we can record when in-game (for zenyatta and orisa I suggest a voice synthesizer, and I litterally gave up on Bastion... so I cut him out becuase its not really a 'part' someone can physically voice)
    -please know how to play the character you try out for!

    How often will this be?
    Mostly likely week nights and weekends because I have classes, so at least twice a week average, but not everyone has to participate in each game 

    I'll respond to each audition within 24 hours of submitting it, because I check multiple times a day. If I feel there's a way you could improve with some sort of audio or voice adjustment, I will definitely suggest it to you so you have the chance to resubmit!
    Roles may get cast as they are submitted if I like an audition enough, so please be aware! (Also why the final date is so soon, I may move it as needed)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold