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About Out of Focus Season 2 (Sims 2 VO Series)

Out of Focus Season 2  | Sims 2 Voice Over Series.

Written by alittlemid

Genre: Romance  | Comedy | Anime-Inspired

Length: 10-12 episodes

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for being interested in auditioning for this series! I am SO excited to bringing this series of mine to a Season 2. I really missed these characters and the personality they brought to the screen. I'm ready to further develop into these characters and create some more drama, haha!  If you want to check out the first season, the link will be down below! Thank you again and good luck! ^_^



It's summer time! Kadence just graduated high school and is excited to focus  more on her relationship with Shawn. After a day of hanging out, Shawn mentions a party that his parents are throwing across town and wants Kadence to come with him so she can meet his parents. Once at the party, Kadence's worst fears come into play, as his parents don't care for her and think she is doing nothing but dragging down Shawn. Unlike, Charlee Rose who happens to not only be a close family friend of Shawn's but the perfect girl to his parents. With both feeling an intense strain on their relationship, will Kadence and Shawn be able to handle all the pressure they are receiving or would they break up, for real this time?


Please follow the rules if you don't your audition won't be accepted.

1. Have a clear mic. A little background noise is okay.

2. If you are casted, I expect the deadline to be met for linesYou will have 4 weeks to record lines.  Please note you will be recasted AFTER 3 days if you become unresponsive. (Extensions are given if requested) 

3. Make sure you’ll have time for this series. 

4. Show emotion when reading the lines .. don't sound like you're just reading them off.

5. Make sure you are easy to contact! If you have a discord, feel free to add me at Tashie#0985! This will be an easy way to contact for any reminders or if you have any quick questions. EMAIL is okay too.

6.  It is not recommended, but I STRONGLY encourage to send lines in an mp3 or wav format. 





Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold