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Ponies And Cupcakes's Previously Completed Works

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    About Ouran High School Host Club Abridged

    Making Ouran High School Host Club Abridged! Anyone is free to audition, and it will be uploaded to youtube. Everyone who is casted must be prepared to make a FULL commitment until the series finale. And please, comment any questions you may have. This is still in the setting of Ouran but be warned there will actually be some moments where, at least Tamaki, will be singing what they say randomly, and possibly without warning. You will know why soon enough.

    There will also be auditions for background voices and characters, where we will try to include as many people as we can that audition. Updates will also be a bit frequent, and there will be one every three days at the very least, so watch out for those!
    thank you all for checking out the series, and i hope you enjoy the characters and watch for new ones being added as the series progresses! 
    From your random writer and editor (in order)
    ~PoniesAndCupcakes and Dyphinoide

    Roles; Haruhi, Tamaki, Hani, Kyoya, Hikaru, and Kaoru have already been casted.

    New (as of 6-6-17); For everyone to know since i hadn't made it properly clear before, I'm mainly basing those casted on their voice and the improvised line they do, since I prefer the voices to be recognizable as the characters (though saying that they DO NOT have to be completely spot on impressions of their voices, just close enough that if you were to listen to it without seeing the character you could tell who it is.) and the improvised line is so I know that you understand how the character will act in the series, and so if there are times where I have you improvise some lines, i know that you can do it accurate to the character.

    About the Creator: PoniesAndCupcakes

    Not really particular to what I wouldn't want to be in, I've acted in a few of a friends abridged series but I wouldn't nearly call myself a professional yet, but i guess I'd call myself a somewhat decent amateur but i guess it also depends on peoples opinions if i were to act in something they're starting up!

    just side notes and interests,
    Love anime, love k-dramas, Miraculous Ladybug all the flippin way (as you can probably tell by my Chat profile pic), Gurren Lagann (Though my baby was killed by the kiss of death..) RWBY is the shit, me and my boyfriend have the Camp Camp theme stapled in our memory, Ouran High School Host Club was beauty itself, and last but (WAYYYYYYYYY not least i just already took up two paragraphs with mostly randomness so people can get to know me and be more comfortable,) 


    'nough said.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold