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    About Ori and the Voice of Nature

    Update: The role of Ori has been filled, but I'm still missing an actress for Ama, so I am reopening the role until March 18.

    Good afternoon! Evening? Whatever it is where you are. I'm the creator of Windows to Infinity, a multi-game machinima. It's a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy series about connecting between timelines in a multiverse, primarily though video games. Thematically, the story ranges broadly: themes I have tackled or expect to tackle are unity vs. divisiveness, social isolation, sociopathy, nature vs. civilization, knowledge vs. instinct, good vs. bad science, and the nature of people as intrinsically good or evil. It's just a hobby project, but so far people are liking it and everyone who's been involved has enjoyed participating.

    Season 2 moves us into a new game: Ori and the Blind Forest. It's my favorite game of 2015-16, and I'm excited to be making a machinima of it! I hope to pull off an emotional, moving story that builds on the strengths of season 1 while avoiding its flaws. It's going to be a lot of fun! If you're unfamiliar with Ori, you can watch the trailer below. This season will be built around expanding Ori's vanilla story, connecting it to the larger multiverse, and addressing some of the questions the main story leaves unanswered.

    This is an unpaid project.

    If you're unfamiliar with Ori and the Blind Forest, you can view the trailer here:

    The first season of Windows to Infinity is complete, and can be viewed here:

    I encourage applicants to at least skim through the episodes, keeping in mind that the first two episodes are crap and not representative of later writing or audio quality.

    Rating is PG, dipping occasionally into PG-13. Typical episodes are fairly gentle and inoffensive, but during certain moments the show can become dark and/or violent. Expect occasional PG-level swearing, blood, violence, disturbing scenes. This season is unlikely to feature most of those things, but watching season 1 will give you a good idea of the sort of material that is possible in future seasons.

    This is a long-term project that I expect to last no less than 3 more seasons, at a rate of likely no more than 1 episode a month, potentially with several months downtime between seasons. I expect a workload of 1-3 hours per episode for each voice actor, likely less for certain characters. Release schedule is flexible. I do not rush. Recording sessions can be interrupted, split up, or repeated as necessary.

    What I'm Looking For
    I need actors who can convey emotion, but with subtlety. A terrifying situation lends their voice a slight quiver, not breathless whimpering. Playful banter is delivered with quiet warmth, rather than girlish tittering. Characters typically don't wear their emotions for all to see. There will be moments where characters lose it and go all out, but they will be relatively rare.

    I am looking for voice actors for two new characters and recasting an existing character. Sample lines take the form of back and forth dialogue. You only need to submit the lines for the role(s) you are applying for. Actors for Ama and Mengele are welcome to apply jointly.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold