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About One Punch Man Fan Animation Tatsumaki vs Saitama

A Fully Animated Fan animation of chapter 101-103 from the one punch man ONE comic

Animation summary:
This animation includes a battle between tatsumaki and Fubuki (who are sisters) they both have psychic powers. In this scene, Fubuki is cautious and afraid to "set off" tatsumaki because she knows she can't defeat her in battle. Once tatsumaki decides to engage Fubuki in battle, Saitama shows up to save Fubuki and since he's OP (overpowered) Tatsumaki gets frustrated and flustered. He holds on to her hand preventing her from harming fubuki and gets flung all over the environment. She complains and objects about why he is still holding her hand, so he lets go. then Tatsumaki decides to have a real fight with Saitama. Then that's the end of the animation.

If you want some more context on the scene here's a link to the general script so that you can see what the plan is for the scene


View the video above to see the animation progress so far.

You can look at the characters bio for guidance on their caricature and voice types. I usually lip sync after I get the voices in, so the mouth movement in the work in progress video above is just show you how it will look even without voices.

I'm hoping to get this project finished before the end of June. But it really should be done mid june.

Characters involved:
Tatsumaki - 29 lines
Fubuki - 11 lines
Saitama (already has a voice)

Voices don't need to be perfect, as long as people can watch it tbh.

Since it is a fan animation it probs won't make money... so unfortunately these roles will be unpaid

These voice roles are only for 1 animation. so the role won't be recurring. But I'm going commercial soon, so VA's who help me now will get first pick of voices in future commercial projects I make

If you have any questions please ask

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll help out with this project


About the Creator: MikeAye

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