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    About Northern Souls Casting Call

    Greetings and thank you for lurking around that corner to have a look at this small casting call! I am Darkfire, creator of the series Northern Souls which is an animated series with Original Characters playing in around 2000. 

    The project of Northern Souls stretches to a lenght of about 10 years in which we will guide Crow through a journey, no one could ever forget. As mentioned, in the series time passes 10 years, meaning the series will be over during the year 2010.

    Multiple seasons will be worked on, each season a unique highlight within. Death and grief won't be missing and maybe it is finally time to let the bad side win. Aren't we all sick of always seeing our good old characters win and live the happy ever after? Some surely are! Well, this series is already plotted through!

    Do we have an animation team?

    Yes! Currently this animation team however only includes 3 people, including me. Yet it helps us finish the episodes faster!

    What is the story?

    Guided by nightmares, hunger and thirst the young canid Crow walks through the paths of Cherika Valley. The brute's journey started a long time ago at the age of 8 months. Merely an apprentice he was chased out by his own parents, who hardly abused Crow. 

    Crow was just lurking around a northern part of Cherika Valley, as he met Frost and Xander, introduced as members of Northern Souls. Crow receives the offer to stay, but is he really that impressed? We know someone else who surely doesn't wish for another male to stay.

    Here we have Frost, currently the only masculine, excluding Xander, in the pack. How far will the white wolf go in order to get rid of Crow and what is he plotting behind everyone's back?

    This is revealed in the season finale in which a war against a different pack occurs. Join Crow on an adventure to grief and death in Northern Souls, season 1.

    But of course we have more seasons than just one! The expected amount of seasons is not official yet, however we expect the series to go on for about 7 seasons, each season about 7-10 episodes with the lenght of 10-20 minutes. Maybe even more. 

    Now, I really hope you have taken interest and will follow this project in the future! I am looking forward to the auditions we will receive and I can guarantee that every audition will be reviewed.~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold