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Maffie's Previously Completed Works

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    About No Longer Lore [Extras Needed]


    This is a referbished version of an old project I made. That I also had a previous casting call before. But I've decided to do everything on a clean slate.

    This series is still in the making, but is estimated to run for about 10-21 episodes (thats the goal) and will most likley be in the works for the next few years. Take in mind that this is a hobby series, and I am currently the only person working on it. 

    My goal is to finish the storyboarding by the end of spring, allowing me more leeway for more content. 

    If you get the part:

    If you become a voice actor, I'd need your assistance for not only the web series, but small skits involving the characters every now and again between episodes. There will be a video before the actual series giving information on the story and the characters, which I will need the help from the voice actors.


    As I've already mentioned, I'm working alone on this project, maybe sometime in the future I could receive help from other artists/animators, but for now the only person producing this series is a sophmore in highschool.

    The Story: 

    I've made many versions of the story, but this is the offical draft:

    The setting takes place in a world which mythical creatures inhabit humans as vessels after humans destroyed all natural resources for life forms to live. As consequence the spirits of said mythologcial beings lash out by wipping the majority of the human race from the planet.

    Now, they possess the bodies of what was previously humans and began to rekindle the nature on the planet to its original state (although, many still live in built homes within towns)

    The beginning setting takes place in future Ireland, where the Protagonist Ashling was raised. 

    Ashling is one of the few remaining humans on the planet, but was able to coexist with the other species. She's able to do this since she was adopted by her family, being spirit vessels. Originally, she and her family tried to pretend that she was one of them, but over time Ashling decided to come forth with her secret. Due to her brother and parents being on good terms with the kingdom's royal family (her brother being an officer and parents both practice in medical) Ashling eventually could live in the community without dier consequences. 

    Fast forward to the time of the first episode (I'll try to shorten this): 

    Since Ashling is human, and now a high rank of the Dragon Unit (bascially canine unit but in a fantasy world)

    many have a bounty over her head. A group of slave trafficers decide to kidnap and ship her to what would currently be South America. Although, not to become a slave, instead, they plan on giving her to the highest bidder.

    So far, the plan succeeds, Ashling is kidnapped and is taken overseas. But, during the journey a group of vigilantes raid the ship and capture her along with any other human.

    It's discovered that their job is to resque humans from slave trafficing and take them to an all-human society in North America. Thats exactly what they do.

    Against Ashling's will the vigilantes take her to their home and leave Ashling there. Now its up to her to find a way back, meeting friends along the journey. 

    While the point of view switches from her to Ashling's friends and family that she left back in Ireland, trying to figure out where she went.

    I really hope that you like this story! I know that there seems to be some cliches but my goal is that as the series progresses, I'm able to fix and improve the writing! So far, I've scrapped atleast 10 different versions of the story, this is what I'm happiest with.


    What you'll need: 


    A decent mic

    Ability to stay active 

    Be at least 12+

    If you're interested in helping ie.  art, background, (possibly animation I'm still planning everything out) or sound effects please direct message me or email me ([redacted])

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold