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    About Nisekoi Fan Dub

    This project is a fan-dub of the Nisekoi anime that is completely fan-operated! We will upload the finished product on YouTube. My hope is that we can continue this at LEAST for the complete first season, but we'll have to see how far this goes.

    If you would like to be updated on this project, you can join the discord server here:

    (All auditioners)
    - You MUST be kind and respectful to any other auditioners. Only offer polite criticism, please don't just downright insult someone!
    - You MUST have some way of fast communication, such as Skype or Discord. Any other alternative methods will need to be decided via PM.
    - PLEASE be sure that you can work on this project part-time. If I need your voice/video editing skills, please give them to me! I want to make this a FUN project that doesn't require any stress!

    (Voice auditioners)
    - The only requirement, aside from the ones stated above in All auditioners, is that you cannot have any background noise within your audition, otherwise, you won't be chosen for the role, no matter how good your audition is. I don't mind static; I can always edit it so there's no static, just please don't have someone screaming in the background or barking dogs.

    (Video-editor auditioners)
    - One of the requirements, aside from the ones stated above in All auditioners,  is that you must have at least one video to show that you have the skills to be a video editor for this series.
    - The last requirement is that you must have some experience with an intermediate video editor like Sony Vegas, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro. Camtasia Studio is also acceptable, but Windows Movie Maker is not.

    (Anyone can audition for both a voice role and a video-editor role, but you must be sure that you can balance them both if they are assigned to you!)

    • Kosaki Onodera
    • Chitoge Kirisaki (Maybe? Depending if someone can fulfil this role?)
    • Raku Ichijō
    • Seishirō Tsugumi
    • Marika Tachibana
    • Ruri Miyamoto
    • Shū Maiko
    • Extra male/female voices

    More roles will be added when needed!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold