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    About Newtale, An Undertale Animation Voice Acting Audition Request

    Newtale is a fan animation based on the popular video game Undertale, created by Toby Fox. It was announced back in December 2015 by Frontier Hero. You can check out their playlist for everything regarding the series here.

    Newtale is a volunteer fan based project, so it will be unpaid. But we have a lot of young and talented individuals here who want to see the project go far.

    We've just made a video recently concerning the project which you can find here!

    As of right now, we are looking for a voice actor for Undyne in the series, as well as some possible minor voice actors.

    Should you wish to audition for this character (and others), please be sure to follow these short rules and guidelines:

         1.  You must have a clear microphone with no feedback, background noise, or clipping
         2. Volume must be at an audible range (not too quiet, and not too loud... which could cause clipping)
         3. Whichever role you choose, there should be enough emotion or DETERMINATION passion in your voice for your character. I will not choose those who are lacking in the emotional department
    If you do not meet these basic requirements, I will not choose you for our voices  

    Please be sure to check Undyne's bio in the character tab so you have a better understanding of what it is we're looking for specifically. The minor characters will have different requirements so be sure to check that out as well!

    This audition will be only open for about a month or so, as we are pressed for time for getting our first episode together, so good luck with your auditions and godspeed lol

    Depending on how things go and depending on how many voice auditions we receive, this audition may be held up longer. But for now, I wish to keep it open only for a month. 

    If chosen, I will need your email, and you will need to communicate with the group via Google Hangouts and Google Drive. I will then introduce you to everyone on the team and let you know the status of our project. If you don't get chosen, please don't be discouraged! Just know that you did your best and there will always be other opportunities out there for ya! We may even hold you as a back-up for this and future projects under Paracosm Studios!

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave them as a comment down below!

    About the Creator: zylphiacarron

    I currently own and run Sava Phoenix Studios (which you can find in my Followers List). We're working on a variety of dubbing projects and an Undertale animated series. If you're interested, please click the link here to check it out!


    As a voice actor, I usually voice older women. Young, girly, and child-like roles are not my forte. Other examples would probably be bigger, burly women. So if you need a chick with a bit of a deeper voice, I'm it! I also do a pretty good Garnet impression if anyone is looking for that! Haha
    I'm also an English teacher in Japan for the time being, but at some point I wish to come back to the states and help make something for children, whether it's games or a TV series. So for now, voice acting is a nice hobby for me. 
    Have any questions? Feel free to message me! I don't bite! Haha (unless you want something like that for a voice line lol)

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