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About NEED VOICE ACTORS! The Return to Freddy's: The Minecraft Movie | Part 2

After the release on part 1, a few comments on what will part 2 release, so I decided to get it ready and I'll message the cast to come back to voice act again for their characters, now I added new characters in this movie in part 2. It takes place after part 1 with Blake left Fazbear Fantasy Land, Emma Clark gets captured by the military soldiers and someone she knew before. And while the main villain, Vincent plans on creating something dangerous than the animatronics or anything else.

So I need more voice actors in this movie, if you want to be in this movie, then what are you waiting for? The audition is down below if you want to watch part 1, the link is here. Once you are cast, I'll send you the link to the script on Google Docs and you need to accent and I'll put it on so you can check the script and record your lines and once you are done, you can send those to me on Gmail.

I'm Looking For

Voice actors who can convey realistic performances

For some characters, the ability/willingness to emote and scream is absolutely mandatory.


  • North American accents (a few characters are exempt)

  • Semi or fully acoustically treated recording environment (little-to-no echo, background noise, etc)

  • High-quality USB microphone (extremely important)

  • No audio defects (plosives, clipping, etc.)


  • Normalize audio to -3db

  • Audio files must be exported in .mp3 format (CCC harshly reduces the sound quality of .wav files)

About the Creator: firelord6089

My name is Firelord6089 or Lord of Flames and I am always like to be a voice actor, Filming, Director, and most of all Writer.

You wondered why I come here to the Casting call club? That I am working hard on making movies on Minecraft on my own and with my friend as well and I am looking for a good voice actor that can be any other character in any movie that I am making next.

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