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The Saiyan Nes's Previously Completed Works

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    About Need VA's for Various Anime-Style Characters

    The Characters in Question are Nes, Shemroon, Meiko, Majah, and Aqua. The Characters are leading characters in a Story I'm creating. the actual creation won't be finished for some time but I want some baselines for how the characters should sound in certain scenes for later use, as well as possible re-hiring later on once the time calls for it with legitimate pay.

    the series can be summarized as a Space adventure story, there's an extensive cast of characters each with their own unique charm, personality, and powers. I'll try my best to give detailed descriptions on all the characters in question, but don't be afraid to ask any question you want ^.^ anyone and everyone are free to audition, and you're free to audition to as many roles as you'd like.

    alright, so the next tid-bit will be a summary of each of the characters, some descriptions of their personality, history, powers and relations to other characters, to get a general sense of how the character would present themselves.

    Nes; Nes is the Main Character of the series, he's a middle aged man that's seen a lot. He's a Saiyan which is a race of Inter-galactic warriors, they pride themselves in their combat experience and expertise. As the main character there's PLENTY of lines and scenes, I will try to limit the scenes to important moments to lessen the load on the VA but I will not discourage seeking more lines, I will do my best to provide as many lines as needed/wanted. as far as his background goes; He has a genetic defect that causes various issues, but refuses to have it treated as he prides himself in being just as capable without being "fixed" because of this defect however he killed his own parents, and has found life with others difficult. he still holds a very positive outlook on life and refuses to let his dark moments overwhelm his overall life. His personality; He's very outgoing, intelligent, strategic, and Honest (harshly honest at times) he tries to find the positive outlook, but knows to act on the darker moments if needed. he protects those he cares about without hesitating for any reason. he's extremely intelligent and usually thinks 5 steps ahead of the enemy.
    I imagine his voice to be aged, not old, but certainly not young. middle age is the perfect ground. it shouldn't be deep and gruffy like batman, but it can't be too light, a middle ground is preferable.

    Shemroon; Shemroon is a Trigonian, that means he's a cat-sized Dragon. every Trigonian has a specific element that they safeguard/control/are. Shemroon's element is Metal, all forms of it. he's capable of shifting one type of metal to another effortlessly, he can change the state of matter of metal from solid to liquid to gas without needing to alter their temperature. he can alter their temperature if needed but often doesn't need to. he's actually made of a large composite of different types of metal which means he can shape-shift himself in dozens of various ways. Shemroon is Extremely  old, but still maintains his extremely youthful attitude, personality, and youth. he often acts like a kid and should be represented as a teen almost. not too kid-like but not too old, he's one of the oldest characters in the series but that doesn't mean he seems like it. as far as personality goes he again is very kid-like, he plays and loves to have fun, he's extremely wise and often gives potent quotes, but he doesn't dwell on the past too much and prefers to look at the future and what it holds.
    I imagine his voice to be somewhere in the 19-20 year old range, not fully adult but certainly not kid/teen. very uplifting and wise at the same time.

    Meiko; Meiko is a Dragon-shifter. She's naturally a Dragon but prefers her Human form, She's the current GF to Shemroon. she was previously a Dragon Hunter but had her life changed due to Shemroon's intervention. so she fell for him and after some plot eventually they become a thing. their relationship is more akin to a fairytale love, one where there's no real sexual desire for one another, just a desire to be with eachother and to spend time together, whatever that may entail. Meiko is very cheerful, sassy, and strong-willed, she'll go out of her way to make sure things go according to her moral code, and her ambitions. she protects those around her but often spends a lot of time trying to find her place in the universe, she doesn't exactly know what she's meant to do so she's seeking it out. She's an increadibly powerful fighter, with lots of draconic powers, but you'll never know it unless you get on her bad side.
    I imagine her voice being a cheery young adult voice. somewhere early 20's nothing too dark or deep, but certainly not light or high pitched.

    Majah; Majah is the Mother of Aqua, both of them are Nymphicotes which are a subspecies of the Nymph race. although you'd never know it based on how they present themselves and their powers. she's an incredibly powerful and aged Nympicote, so she's got an entire arsenal of magic weapons/spells/items at her disposal. She's of divine origin so a lot of her power has holy essence imbued in it, but she's not exactly a saint. she's extremely flirtatious, sassy, and witty, she likes teasing and making fun of others. she does have a bit of a temper at times but you'd have to really annoy her to see it. She is one of the many characters which do Die during the series, but that doesn't mean she leaves the series. she appears every now and again as a spirit or ethereal form. her power and body however were reincarnated and given new form which gave birth to Aqua. who will overtime learn and acquire all the power her mother previously had. Majah is pronounced My-yah which is weird I know but it's how it's pronounced.
    I imagine Majah's voice to be around young adult age. she's extremely flirtatious and sassy so the younger voice fits much more than one that would be acquainted with her age.

    Aqua; Aqua is the Daughter/Reincarnation of Majah. She's of the same species and has a good amount of her mother's powers and spells, but hasn't yet unlocked everything. but she will in due time. Aqua is extremely cheerful and outgoing, she's like an energetic kid, always looking for new friends to hang and play with. she's not kid-like in mindset however, she's quite matured for her age and isn't naive or too innocent (she is still innocent though) she's still learning more about her world and her place in the universe, but there's so much to explore she doesn't want to waste any time, she's extremely excited and looking forward to the next adventure.
    I imagine her voice being a younger girls voice, not too young, but more like a young teen, like 12-14 or so.

    About the Creator: TheSaiyanNes

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