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Chibimouto Kun's Previously Completed Works

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    About 「mangadub」Naruto 700+10 & Omakes

    And yet again chibimouto makes another project~!

    I'm a BIG fan of Naruto ( >:3 I already preordered Storm 4 ) and the ending of Naruto was probably one of the most awesomest things ever. To add on to that Boruto the Movie was like a rewind and brought back soooo many good memories~! I've had these manga chapters in my documents for a few months now and since I'm starting everything over, I felt maybe I should try and put them to good use. Like all thingss, I can't do this by myself. ^w^ That is where the lot of you all come in. :3 

    I would LIKE the charaacters so sound at least remotely close to the english dub cast, but that's not a full blown requirements. I also enjoy originality so feel free to try your own spin on characters' voices. Please make sure your mic is of descent quality- terrible no pops, puffs, or static. Emotion please. Teh lines given have no direction so I give you all free reign to go by how it was depicted in the anime or how you'd like to say it. Even if you sound close to the characters, I'm looking at emotion to match with the manga's emotion. 

    As far as the new characters go, have as much fun as you like~! Since these characters don't have an offical english cast, you guys are free to go as you see fit~! ^w^ I will say, vocal patterns should be evident. The way their parents speak should cross over SLIGHTLY into the new characters.


    Also as a BIG warning, since we'll be doing the end of the manga there are HEAVY spoilers matter of fact forget wanting the ending to be a surprise ( I doubt it is after all this time ). O3O Proceed with caution~!


    * Sasuke | Noel Joester
    * Sakura | Elka
    * Sarada | Froboty

    * Ino | Catnipeverbeans
    * Sai | JohnnyBlazzer121 
    * Inojin | Mr. Sukafu

    * Shikamaru | S0ulx
    * Shikadai | chrisbanasrj

    * Chocho | Melizbeauty

    * Rock Lee | inSayne
    * Metal Lee | inSayne

    * Naruto | CeeCeeVA
    * Hinata | Lady Ray Elizabeth
    * Boruto | hinachan
    * Himawari | potato-kun

    * Orochimaru | GohanOXG
    * Mitsuki | The Prophet of Asebi

    * Kiba | Tokk

    * Mirai | vulpixelize

    *Gaara | ClockTownKid
    * Kankuro | Brob

    * Suisetsu | Brob 

    * Kabuto | S0ulx
    * Yamato | Cgrail
    * Moegi | imtruetome
    * Kakashi | Brisp
    * Might Guy | theultimateshadowfan
    * Iruka | shadowzel

    * Shin Uchiha OLDER | GohanOXG
    * if the moon were to fall 
    * an ink bath
    * mama or papa

    * his real face
    * after the last
    * the beast marked by love
    * the day naruto became hokage
    * chapter 700
    * the seventh hokage and the scarlet spring
    * boruto - road to

    * kakashi hiden 
    * shikamaru hiden
    * sakura hiden 
    * konoha hiden
    * gaara hiden
    * akatsuki hiden

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold