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    About Mystic Musicals - A Mystic Messenger Comic Series

    The Premise of ‘Mystic Musicals’:

    ‘Mystic Musicals’ is a fanmade, non-funded group created upon the idea to bring artists, editors, and voice actors alike to perform well known musical numbers of all kinds, and even have the chance to create some original music. Along with music, I wish for artists to join in to create what would be most accommodated with the number (in short, I wish to create comics with each song XD). A song may have a specific character portrayed based off of personality, a little bit of headcanon, and generally how much that character would best fit into the role (i.e. Unknown/Searan sings ‘Meant to be Yours’ from “Heathers : The Musical”). Also, many AU’s will be present within this project, just a heads up! Once you’re finished, send me your audition via email @ [redacted] or by private messaging me on Skype. Now let’s get into the auditions!

    (Just to make this clear, I will also be looking for editors to help out in the videos in terms of mixing audio together and with each other and with visuals. I will be looking for about 2 or more editors (depending on how many wish to be an editor for this project) up until March 20th. Those who wish to be an editor must message me at least one of your editing works of any kind.)

    For Artists (Because I wish to make the comic before the VA’s voice them)

    So Here’s How to Audition:

    There are 3 main pieces of artwork you must present to me:

    1)One of your previous works of art that you may already have done before you’ve seen this. (Specifically a storyboard of a comic that you may have drew)

    2)MC portrayed as one of your favorite Disney characters and/or character from your favorite musical. (Belle, Mulan, Ariel (Footloose & The Little Mermaid))

    3)Your favorite character (excluding MC) depicted as a hero or villain from a musical. (Jahee as Cogsworth from ‘Beauty and the Beast’)

    4)A comic strip of anything Mystic Messenger related. Could even one frame long, for all I care.

    I’ll be needing more than one artist to do this, so I want as many of you to contribute to this project! And to have fun while doing so! The deadline for artists is February 28th. Once I have the artists I need, I’ll have you immediately start working on the first comic. It also is of importance if you can digitally do artwork (not saying that you have to, but it’s easier to post them online for me).

    For Voice Actors

    Those who audition for a character must submit in two lines from the character ‘bio’ below, and a snippet of a song that I have chosen for their character. I will also be looking for extra people to play as an ensemble for some songs. There are a few rules to this project for the VAs who audition a role for this project:

    1) You must have decent mic quality. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing, just enough to understand your voice with minimal background noise happening.

    2) You must be able to sing as the character you are portraying as. This is ‘Mystic Musicals’ after all.

    3) Do not troll the other members of the group (when I set up the group chat). This is supposed to be a fun project, and simply spamming everyone else and trolling will not only revoke you of your role, but block you from the chat entirely. I don’t wish to ruin the fun that everyone’s having from this project.

    4) Have fun! The best part about a project like these would be feeling most comfortable playing a part you know you can do!

    5) Bonus points if you sang the song snippet with an instrumental soundtrack!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold