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About Mysolia (Pilot Episode)

Mysolia is an original animated series I'm working on. I (PenguinPotential) will be animating everything myself in 3D. The world of Mysolia is a fantasy world with a very small amount of magic in the form of crystals, which can power objects and tools to increase their power. My three main characters (Nouta, Adissa, and Kitna) will be travelling their world to solve mysteries, fight strong enemies, and have a good time doing it!

The project this casting call is for will be the first pilot episode (chronologically episode 2 of season 1). While this project will only be about 5~8 minutes long, if you're chosen I would encourage you to stick with this series for the whole duration. The whole project will likely be 4+ seasons, 4 episodes each season, and about 10 minutes per episode. Each episode may take 2 to 3 months to complete, and it would be helpful to have your lines for the next episode as soon as the previous episode is completed.

Below are each of my characters with a sample animation:


Nouta is an Oni from Dandnar, a simple town that specializes in crafting and production. Oni aren't discriminated for their horns because no race in Mysolia is "generic human". Nouta doesn't have much combat training, but she's very level-headed, logical, and quick to correct misbehavior. No real expectations to what she sounds like, do as many takes as you'd like!


Adissa is a Wingfolk from Sylvalon, a large city where the buildings are all attached to trees. Wingfolk can't fly because of their small wingspan, but they can use their wings to help propel themselves while jumping to gain more height and reach treetops. Adissa is a straightforward fool who highly values her own priorities, meaning she goes off doing her own things often. Her speech patterns should clearly and quickly pronounce each syllable of each word, like how a bird might speak.


Kitna is a hermit living on the outskirts of Tük'au, a snowy village that has become a victim of mining drought a few years back, causing their major trade export of crystals to plunge their village into destitution. Kitna fled the village to remove herself from the failing economy. Because of her isolation, she tends to be verbal about her stereotypes and doesn't keep her personal thoughts to herself (which ticks off anyone nearby her). While she uses very rural words in her speech, she doesn't have an accent. While auditioning for Kitna, try to keep that in mind. Kitna's mask is mostly for intimidation, as well as keeping her identity a secret when she eventually goes back to Tük'au.

Once this project is completed, I'll be hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help launch Mysolia as a series. The pledges will be used in part to help pay all voice actors better than I can on my own. I can't guarantee how much will be paid per character, but ball-park estimate will be about $50 per episode. If the campaign surpasses the goal and goes to stretch goals, there will be more revenue to split with everyone.

About the Creator: penguinpotential

Self-employed animator involved in MLP, SMITE, and own creations.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold