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(video above shows early character designs)

Project Murder

Murder Channel is a video game where you and 11 international celebrities are invited by Channel M to participate in a reality show to compete for the big money, however, things start to change as you arrive at the tropical resort where the show is supposed to take place, that is when you meet TereVi, an AI that explains that all of this is just a game where the participants must kill each other in order to escape.

As Vincent, you must cooperate with the participants to find a way out of the island, build relationships with them and bring the evil to justice to survive this wicked game that is being transmitted to the whole world without them even knowing that its all real.


-FACE THE CONSEQUENCES: Multiple choices will lead you to multiple paths and endings, while this is a feature that is still being determined, there is a high possibility that the game will end up branching up at some point since I don't want this to be a linear experience.

-WHO WILL YOU TRUST?: Whenever you've got spare time on your hands, why not go out there and meet the participants?, your interactions with them will raise your bond, which will eventually unlock the possibility to have a relationship with them, who knows what would happen if both of you escape?

-FIND THE GUILTY: Every night, you must vote, whoever reaches the limit will be eliminated the morning after, but be careful, if someone is killed and the culprit survives until the next morning, they will escape, and they will win, meaning there is no way to escape anymore. You and the others must work together to find the murderers, gathering evidence and interrogating the suspicious, to finally prepare the vote that will determine the one who will be executed.

-DISCOVER THE SECRET: Uncover the mystery behing the installations, work with the others to find a way out, meet the infamous Sincalir and dig deep to find the ultimate truth behind the Murder Channel.

-> The game is partially voice acted, meaning the script is mostly reactions and short quotes
-> It may contain content not suitable for all audiences
-> You could say the game is kind of like Danganronpa meets Ace Attorney but a bit darker


-> Have a decent microphone, avoid too much background noise and pop noise.
-> Do not audition unless you are 16 years or older
-> Do not audition if you think you can't or wont have time to deliver dialogues.

This project will probably take a long time to develop, our small team has been on planning and testing phase since April 2017 and only now has started development so there might be times where I won't require any lines and I end up contacting you at a later date so please keep that in mind, I'm also starting college first year soon so that's going to keep me busy.

Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy working on this project as well as I will enjoy working with you to make this a reality, thanks!

Contact me at:
Discord: Vyze#3003

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold