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    About Mourning Firefly Minecraft Roleplay Project

    Plot line:

    After Karuna's mother's death, everything slightly changed. Her family, the town and especially her father. Karuna and her father had to evacuate to another town but instead her father was murdered by two Japanese invaders. What would happen to Karuna afterwards...?

    This roleplay is located in South Korea during Joseon era around 19th century. It's also half based on history in real life with wars of Japanese invasion. There are some plot twist, which isn't true in real life. 

    Are all characters in this series going to be named after real life people?
    Nope! There will some characters with made up name. 

    How did you come up with this idea?
    I don't know honestly. I just came up with this stupid, unoriginal idea. LOL. However I think I was inspired by Korean cultures, K-Drama and Asian historical stuff.


    1. Your age must be 12 and above. If you lie about your age, turn around and walk 25 steps each 30cm. However, I'll accept you even if you're younger IF I think you're mature enough to be in this group.
    2. For those who have already joined the team, if you are inactive, there will be a warning. 
    3. You must have discord and please when writing your discord name, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the hashtag with numbers.
    4. Please don't audition and just slack-off and play around without doing any work. I find that annoying :')
    5. You must need a microphone or at least if you have a phone, please don't leave any background noises (Well you can but less).
    6. Be nice and respect other people in the team.
    7. Joking around, having fun is ok as long as you don't over do it :D
    8. When you have entered the team and you have lines given to you, you will at least have 2 weeks. If you're busy, please DM me so I can know and have an understudy!
    10. HAVE FUN~!

    1. Discord account
    2. Minecraft (depends)
    3. Singing abilities (depends)
    4. Able to play an instrument (depends)
    5. Able to read music notes (depends)

    the pictures down below don't belong to me. I just searched them up randomly cuz I haven't designed them yet.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold