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Kairiaka's Previously Completed Works

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    About Voices Needed For Monster High Stop-Motion and Potential Spin-Off [CLOSED for now]

    Contact Info: [redacted]
    The final casting call for the first season of Stop-motion series, "Monster High Theatre". This the homestretch y'all! It'll be updated as needed :)

    Monster High Theatre is a story that I've been working on since 2012 and I'm just getting brave enough to show it to the world. ^^;

    Cast So Far [6/11/15] (Alphabetically)

    Agent Fluffy as Toralei, Cleos Backfired Voice, Lizzie Hearts and Extras [Talking]
    Boomer as Venus, Cleos Enhanced Voice, Nefera, DARK! Twyla, and Nefera [Singing]
    Basso_Profundo as Rames De Nile
    BreannaBurton as Deuce Gorgon, Duchess Swan, Raven Queen and Extras [Talking]
    Carla Holmes as Clawdeen Wolf
    EsmeraldaKitty as Meowlody and Tesla Tess Stein
    Etno as Catty Noir
    Kairiaka as Ghoulia, Purrsephone, Spectra and other unlisted roles
    LittleMs.Meister as Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, and Lagoona Blue
    Megan_will_Rise as Frankie Stein, Cleo, Twyla, and Headmistress Bloodgood
    Owly as C.A. Cupid and Gigi Grant
    Sach216 as Jackson Jekyll
    Souliaeater as Apple White
    Teacup Biscuits as Holt Hyde

    I have some rules for anyone who wants to audition. Before you "X" out the page, these rules are not hard and they have nothing to do with mic quality or experience or anything like that.

    1. If you are cast, DON"T DISAPPEAR! If I can't get in contact with you for more than a month, I'm recasting you.

    2. Do you best and don't knock the "Extras"- Like I said before, some of them will go on to bigger roles and some of the listed roles are reduced due to script changes.

    3.Don't beg me for a role because "you really want it" or "it would make you happy". Don't guilt-trip me either because I'll more than likely say "No", regardless of your talent.

    4. Due to the last two casting calls, I'm not putting in how prominent the characters are. ALL roles are important and should be treated as such. Plus, why do people judge a role by the number of lines instead of what the character has to say?

    5. All potential/ already cast members are to be kind and courteous to everyone else. Therefore, I catch you messing with anyone, you'll be cut from the project.

    6. If you are cast, you must be willing to work hard and diligently. The first season has to be done by Christmas and the Second one is close behind.

    7. If there's a character you want to voice, but it's not listed or been cast, let me know (because more than likely, they have a part somewhere in the story.)

    8. I'M the director and I say EVERYONE can audition for ANY part they want to. It does not matter the gender, race, etc. and I'm not looking for show accuracy! I just want to hear YOU and don't let anyone tell you "you can't audition because you're___" or "you won't be ___ because ___". That's not their call, it's mine. :)

    And finally, as silly as this is:

    9. Please do not have someone else do your audition so you can get a role. I doubt any of you would do this, but I have heard stories... Anyway, if someone else is using your account to audition, let me know so I'm not surprised later.

    Also, I don't like to post critiques publicly.If you want to know how you did, message me.

    P.S/ Disclaimer: The lines here are not nessessarily in Season 1 or 2, but are in a story somewhere.

    About the Creator: kairiaka

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold