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Video Editing 101
Our video editing course is here! Whether you want to improve hobby videos on Youtube or take the first step towards becoming a documentary filmmaker, this course will set you up with the knowledge and technical skills to continue exploring.

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    About Modi's Tower, Audiodrama/Comedy, seeking 2F

    Greetings, folks! I'm looking for two voice actresses to cast in my ongoing audiodrama, "Modi's Tower"!

    Synopsis: The young dark wizard, Nokmodious, aims to destroy the peaceful kingdom of Kyronia, aided by a wisecracking goblin taskmaster and a narcissistic elf rogue. While "Modi" has the magical power and resources to bring Kyronia to its knees, there's one problem: some dark wizards just aren't very good at being bad...

     "Modi's Tower" is an audiodrama/comedy, loosely based on the world of "Dungeons and Dragons", and features danger, intrigue, mystery, betrayal and some serious character development, as young Nokmodious learns that things can sometimes work out, just not at all how you had planned them...

    -Official Facebook Page

    -Modi's Tower Youtube Channel (newly created)

    -Playlist with the first three episodes

    What is "Modi's Tower"?

    At its heart, MT is a character study. Being an audiodrama, it's easiest to develop characters in that fashion, and I've long since found myself coming to love many a series that's more about telling the story of the characters involved than of what they do. The level of character development is heavily inspired by "The Venture Bros.", a show which has, IMO, some of the best writing and character development of all time (and there will be a few nods to it found in MT). It's the little things that truly bring a character to life for me, such as a goblin who makes great coffee or a fitness-nut elf who secretly (and shamefully) indulges in the occasional bar of chocolate.

    Beyond that, Modi's Tower is a "rise from disgrace" story. Many stories are about the noble hero who, through a series of poor rationalizations, gradually loses his humanity and finds himself a far darker person (ie "Breaking Bad"). MT comes at that from the other side, where a man fully determined to choose the path of darkness gradually finds himself rationalizing his way to the other end of the alignment spectrum, and the journey there will be anything but dull.

    What I'm looking for from voice talents

    -Authenticity: Seeing as how this is an audiodrama, your voice will have to sell the character in their entirety. The general mood of Modi's Tower is intended to be lighthearted, but every character will have a few dark and serious conversations here and there, and this will call for being absolutely believable in your portrayal of the character's suffering. Much like in "The Venture Bros", every character has a backstory and that story will always have some darker days that have helped shape the person they are now. You're gonna need to be able to dig deep on some of these scenes.

    -Audio Quality: I ask that your audio quality at least be on par with mine. Hisses or hums under your audio will stick out like a sore thumb so I need to maintain the minimum level of clarity that I have in the show so far. If you're looking for a better mic, check out Crispin Freeman's site ([http://www.voiceactingmastery.com/toolbox) for good info on an affordable but workable mic (if you go for a blue yeti, make sure you connect it to your comp through a powered USB hub or you will get a hum, though!). Also, room echo would be very noticeable, so do what many VOs have done and line the inside of a closet with bedding foam from walmart or target (~$20 for a big sheet of it, just thumbtack it to the walls and door) and run your mic cable under the door. Creates a great "dead room" on the very, very cheap.

    -Mouth Clicks and Clear Annunciation: Mouth clicks are the bane of my existence, but there are ways to reduce them (http://filmsound.org/QA/mouthclick.htm), I'd recommend recording with headphones so you can hear when you click and just do another take. I find "L" sounds are the most prone to getting "clicky". As for annunciation, as it's an audiodrama, every word needs to be heard clearly.

    -Timely Turnaround: My goal is to start releasing an episode around every two weeks, and the sooner you can get me lines, the better. I'll set deadlines because I myself prefer to work with deadlines. I understand that life DEFINITELY gets in the way from time to time, but if you consistently cannot make deadlines, I'll likely recast your role as it's not fair to me or to the other VAs working on the project. I also ask that you be available for rereads when the need arises (I do this for my own characters constantly when it's clear that another line would've fit better or I didn't get the feel of the line that I was looking for).

    -Long Term Commitment: I plan to run this show for ~24 episodes, and these are major characters, so only audition if you'll be available for the long haul. You can expect somewhere between 30-50 lines per episode, depending upon how much the episode focuses on your character.

    -Help with Promotion: This one kinda goes without saying, but it's tough for new shows to get noticed (especially audiodramas), so I'd appreciate if you could spread the word. I've personally joined over a hundred relevant facebook groups to promote anything I've acted in in the past. I don't expect the same from you, but it never hurts to spread the word as much as possible.

    -Three Takes per Line: I always prefer to have 3 takes per line in the audio files so I can choose which of the three sounds best for the dialogue taking place.

    -Reading the Whole Script: I've found that it can be extremely beneficial to understand all facets of what's currently happening in the story. Each episode script is usually around 10-15 pages long (though each page will have only 15-20 lines on it). I've personally found myself wishing I had recorded a line a bit differently after the fact when I went through and read an entire script AFTER recording lines as I then realized something my character said carried a second meaning to it and I hadn't read the line that way.

    Characters for Audition

    These characters will appear in episode 4, and possibly again in the episodes following, but they will not "arrive" in the main storyline for 2-3 more episodes after #4. Feel free to do up to three takes per line!

    PLEASE NOTE: You are FREE to ad lib!

    If the line would sound more natural rolling off your tongue if it was changed slightly, feel free to read it that way. Just make sure the line retains the original meaning and I'm very flexible.


    The deadline for the audition is May 22nd!


    You will be mentioned in the ending credits of the show, including your name and a web link of your choice, and your information will be listed in the description of each episode you're in, including a web link.

    As of now, this project is generating no revenue and I cannot afford to pay for talents. However, if the show begins to generate any form of revenue, I will pay you a % from that revenue. I cannot guarantee that will ever happen, but if I make money from it, so will you. That's a promise.

    My goal is to one day find an animator and turn MT into a cartoon show (as there are a number of scenes I'd like to include that simply do not work in audiodrama format) and that may come from first getting the show enough popularity before kickstarting it to pay for animation. I'm also open to the idea of an animator who would like to get in on the ground floor in exchange for a sizable portion of any youtube revenue (though that's hard to swing as animation is a LOT of work).

    Thanks for reading and good luck on your auditions! : )

    PS. Although I'm currently handling all of the male voices myself, I will very likely be looking to recruit some male talent at some point in the future (though it's hard to say when) for key male characters yet to be introduced.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.