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    About Minecraft Roleplay: Officer Osh

    Minecraft Roleplay: Officer Osh 

    Show Info: This is a continuation of OshieChan, a series that is on my Youtube Channel, Officer Osh. The first two episodes are already up if you wish to view them but at the start of 2017 we will begin recording again. This season will have 13 episodes the plots of the rest of the episodes will be revealed if you are cast and I expect full confidentiality.

    Summary: A team of spies goes undercover in Bayside, posing as high school students. When they free an old friend they begin an infiltration of the enemy and when the police station is in shambles the team uses their skills in covert operations to take down all sorts of criminals. *** Upon re arrival in France the team really takes crime fighting to the next level as police and investigators in BelleCrest. 

    Requirements: Please be at least 12 years old or older. I would appreciate if you had a Skype and Minecraft PC, please try for just voice acting if you don't have these things but having them will greatly increase your chances. Also let me know if you have a kik, instagram, Oovoo or any other social medias.

    Voice Actors: You need to read the lines that I give you if you are cast and have them in at a certain time, I take the show very seriously and will be working to improve quality so not being timely can result in being asked to leave.

    Body Actors: If you have Minecraft PC and a Skype then I would love to have you as a body actor, if some body actors are not able to make it to a recording session we could have someone else fill in. Chances are the roles will be smaller but you will still act in the game and speak in the call. For a crime show, roles change each episode with new victims, suspects etc. so you will have a difference cast of characters each day.

    Auditions: For the auditions I am putting up some roles that will remain constant during the series which will be marked as a recurring character. Other characters change and will be marked as one episode only but these roles aren't specific since I am not revealing much at this time. 

    Skins: If you are cast as a body actor I will make the skins and give you the skin to use through an email, I trust that you will only use this skin for MY series since I create them and if you use them for something other than my series you will be terminated from the show which I hope does not happen.

    Actors will often be asked to body act and voice more characters than they are cast in depending on who shows up, schedules and what characters we need. Some body actors may be asked to change into a skin and simply move around while someone else voices while they are not playing their own character. 

    Please be punctual and serious if you do get casted and be sure to read all this above as if is VERY important! ^^^^

    More roles will be available as time goes on so be ready for more auditions in the future. I will be planning out the rest of this series before the start of 2017 and building sets, making skins etc. If you are cast I will ask you to read a list of lines for me in advance whether you are just a voice actor, body actor or both. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. My Youtube is Oshowatt7. You can comment there any questions. Good luck! 

    About the Creator: oshowatt7

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold