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    About Miitopia - Mytopia Comic Dub!


    Dont know what Mytopia is? Here's a link to Mytopia's Profile on Amino! Get caught up with the comic and characters then come back!

    Eeeeey, if you came from Amino, you probably recognize me as Princess Cinnamon, or unfried-rice. If not, it's me CinnamonRolliePolly with the proud announcement that along side the talented artist Arkka, we will be dubbing the comics "Mytopia". 

    All characters are open, besides Arkka, because Arkka will be voicing his own character. I myself will voice Kirby, but if you think you can do it well, then go ahead and audition! The voice cast will be decided by Arkka himself!

    Now, here are a few rules!

    1) Normally, I require good microphones, but since this project will have a lot of people that use amino  and don't necessarily have the equipment. So for this project, make sure you have as least background noise as possible. For example, Arkka himself uses his phone mic. As long as you record somewhere that doesn't echo that much (Like a car or a closet) then your audio should be fine. ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE IS THE MIC THAT COMES WITH YOUR COMPUTER/LAPTOP. THE FAN INSIDE THE COMPUTER/LAPTOP MAKES TOO MUCH BACKGROUND NOISE THAT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE, SO IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE MIC PLEASE USE THAT OVER A COMPUTER/LAPTOP MIC!

    2) Please enunciate well. Be able to project and articulate. If you yourself are having trouble doing so, just over-exaggerate whatever words you are speaking. Voice acting is more than just speaking into a microphone, it does have the word "act" in it for a reason!

    3) CHARACTER. One of biggest factors we are looking for is can you bring the character to life. Can you sound as energetic and peppy as Papyrus? Do you have that shy tone that Nina has? Are you as sarcastic and sassy as the Dark Lord Funi? Remember, you are acting!

    4) Be able to meet deadlines. It sucks when one starts a project and we're just waiting on that one person to turn in their lines. If you do get picked, we'll give you about 2-3 weeks to turn in lines. If you for any reason need extension I will allow it. I understand real life is hard, I myself being a senior and in both choir and band. 

    5) Either have an amino or a way to communicate with you. (Email, Skype, Discord, ect.) It is very important we have a way to give and receive your lines and give you advice and feedback. Please comment on your audition either what your Amino ID is for the Miitopia page, or a way to contact you. 

    6) Be respectful, and HAVE FUN! It sucks when people aren't nice, right? Do don't be mean. Have respect for your peers. We want this to be a joyful experience for all, so having a positive attitude will bring you a long way!

    Now, here's some things about auditions!

    Please name the file of your audition as follows: NameofCharacter_YourName_Audition

    Example: PrincessCinnamon_CinnamonRolliePolly_Audition

    If you don't have a CCC account, you can also send auditions to my email. Please title your email "Mytopia Dub Audition_Your Name", for example...

    Mytopia Dub Audition_CinnamonRolliePolly

    In an email audition, name each file as above. You can have more than one audition in an email. 

    That's all I have for now. If you have any questions, please either email them to me, comment them on this Casting Call Page, or PM me either here or through Amino! Thank you and have fun auditioning!

    QUICK NOTE: AUDITIONS ARE OPEN TILL OCTOBER 20th! Even if the Casting Call Page says Auditions are closed, they are truly open still till October 20th! You can still submit your auditions here after the deadline, or send them to my email.

    If you need my email, comment me please either CCC or on Amino! Have fun auditioning!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold