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About Mermaid themed Magical Girl/Boy Animation

A concept for a Music inspired, Mermaid themed Magical Girl and Boy animation.

6 teenagers Leysa Tomoé, Delia Aldetoré, Twig Adinson, Lao Syaoran, Cole Rubius, and Phillipe Douvier, are summoned by Queen Oceana and given the sacred instruments infused with the powers of the ocean to fight the corruption of mankind and the pollution of the world. Can Leysa and her friends save the world and will she be able to live with half a soul now that her twin has passed on?

This project is meant to be a love letter to anime from the two thousand's, such as Pokemon, Yugioh, and especially Magical Girl anime like Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew!! Furthermore, I intend it to be an anime in which Male Magical Girls or more Magical Boys are taken seriously. Even if Cole's childish antics suggest otherwise. The series also is quite music-centric and mermaid focused as I feel those are underutilised themes in the genre. Furthermore, the civilian sides of the series will focus on the family dynamics. This one shot, to begin with, will most likely be a monster of the week formula.

As much as I am hyping this idea up, In truth I am looking for voice actors for the animatic for the project which will hopefully evolve into a fully fledged animation. I can't guarantee if this will become a long-running series, right now I'm just looking for voice actors for the animatic. So for now, consider this a one time gig unless it gains some success or motivates me to continue it and make a sequel.

The animatic will be a standard "Monster of the Week" Episode of a magical girl/boy anime. Where we introduce the characters, they find a problem, encounter a monster based off that problem, defeat it and solve their problem. a simple by the numbers story as I am still a beginner animator

as I have not finished the character designs, I will be using face claims for supporting characters. thank you for understanding.


just because a role says to showcase your singing voice doesn't mean you have too!! It's just in case I choose to pursue that route in future episodes!!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold