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About Memories & ER Re-casting

Due to some unfortunate events, many characters for some projects of mine will be needing to be recasted. I’ve decided to hold one casting call for all of them.

Elemental Reign plot:
Elemental Reign is a series where the capital forbids the use of magic power. However, a chosen few were gifted with these powers, including the capital leaders themselves. Adara controls water and air, Meisa fire, Venus Earth, Nova spirit, Perseus fire+spirit , triton earth, orion water, atlas wind. Sorrow manipulates sorrow, pain is pain, weakness controls weakness, and sickness... well he controls that lol. Everyone believes the capital leaders are immortal, and listen to what they say.... However... thats not all true! The capital leaders are under a curse, that goes from generation to generation. The elemental heroes must stop the capital... Adara must fulfill her destiny and become the Elemental Queen with her king...However along the way... she falls for someone...... Adara will have to make sacrifices an tough decisions, many of which she regrets. Soon, Adara will find out her past. The past in which she was NEVER to remember. She will find out just what the capital is hiding... She WILL become the Elemental queen.. It is her destiny.
This is a collabrative effort between Lost girl & I.

Memories Plot:

Prince Damian of Riften, is a young stallion who has run away from home. He’s been out in the world for 5 years, and was taken in by a rogue group. He later falls in love with a mare in that rogue group, who is known as Rosalie. A day before he plans to propose to her, he gets taken back to his kingdom, where he is forced to marry Princess Avery. Meanwhile, Queen Lynphea plans to attack the Kingdom of Riften, and overthrow the tyrant king(King Hades). As Damian tries to make his way back to his group, he will have to make great sacrifices. Should he leave, his group will die. Should he stay, he will have to say goodbye to his lover, and marry Princess Avery.

1. Do not audition if you will not be committed to your part. I cannot stress this enough. If you will not be committed, don't audition at all. Thank you.
2. Please also do not audition if you will not give me your email AND discord.
3. You will be required to show emotions(ex: crying, screaming, yelling), so please do not proceed if you cannot do that
4. Turn your lines in on time! Each cast member has 2 strikes. Everytime you turn in lines late, or not at all I will give you a strike. Yes, I do keep count. After your 2 strikes are gone, you will be recasted.
5. Please let me know if you can or cannot swear!
6. VA’s will be required to at LEAST be fairly active.
7. Optional if you are casted: Feel free to send bloopers in a SEPARATE file
8. Please, please repeat lines 2+ times in different tones! Thank you!

9. Do NOT change the lines. The way they are written is the way they are to be said. If it is a small change, such as a grammatical error correction, that's fine. Thank you for your understanding! 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold