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Ishi Kimchi's Previously Completed Works

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    About The March into Hellfire's Gate: an Epic Fantasy Adventure

    Archdaemon Abaddon was prophesied to summon Hellfire's Gate once again and Seven Heroes are destined to take it down... 

    MUST READ! Our Goals for this project

    To get this straight, I've only just gotten into drawing and animating, we don't know what kind of project this is gonna be whether if it's an animation or an audio book. It depends on if we find capable and experienced animators or directors. This project will be in development for a while but it will happen! (I don't intend to abandon this project, I spent time making the characters and the plot ;P ). If this project becomes a Minecraft Roleplay then another Casting Call will be published, looking for Builders and Skin makers. It'll be hard to find good directors and such since this isn't a paid project but hopefully, this series will prevail. :)


    Remember, there are more characters on the way. This casting call is for the lead roles and such but more supporting and extra characters will also be implemented 


    For 200 years after the events of the Imperial War, Solitera was at peace but unbeknownst to the king and all of Solitera, Bringer of Hell on Earth: Archdaemon Abaddon, thought to have been vanquished hundreds of years ago, throughout 200 years has accrued to full power. However, a prophecy foretold the arrival of Seven Heroes that will vanquish Abaddon. Now it's up to the prophesied Seven Heroes to defeat Abaddon and irrevocably destroy Hellfire's Gate but... Hellfire's Gate can only be destroyed from the inside...


    1. Must be at least 13+

    2. You can't quit halfway through the series 

    3. Mic must have little to no background noise

    4. Respect my choices in a discussion 

    5. Ad-lib is fine to an extent, just don't completely change the lines 

    6. Must have Social Media (specific. Instagram, Facebook or Discord) to keep in touch 

    7. Respect the rules~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold