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Kaimiko Desu's Previously Completed Works

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    Hey guys!

    So this is Mystic Theater's first project and we are in need of male voice actors!So what or who are you amazing voice actors going to give life to, well, I'm not too sure if you guys know this, but, this is for Mystic Messenger. Yup, that recently famous otome game made by Korean gaming company called Cheritz.

    Although MysMe (that's just the shortcut) does not contain only men, well Mystic Theater already consists of females so.... We're good in the female VAs, sorry for those who wanted to try Jaehee and MC! Maybe in a different project :)Any who! Mystic Theater team (my friends and I) plan to share to the MysMe fandom the roleplays that we've been doing and we thought of taking it to the next level, so we decided, why not make a visual novel or visual series? 


    There will be 4 main roles and most likely, if you get casted, you're stuck to that character, if you wouldn't mind is all XPWe'll be picking two male VAs for a role, the main VA and the stand-in, in case of some difficulties or some problems :)


    1. A good mic, less background noises the better :)

    2. Is comfortable sending raw/non-edited records, we wanna make bloopers XD (its really not a requirement but just wanted to tell ya)

    3. If you know how to sing, that'd be great! (Again not a requirement, but yeah)

    4. Can be easily contacted by any of the team~

    5. 18 and above please, we might launch a project that is NOT safe for the young, so... You know the rest.... >////<

    6. Willing to have a discord for the team to get to know them (if you already have a discord... Yey!)

    AdLib is NOT restricted :) 

    If casted, please send your recordings either by .wav or .mp3

    The characters below will be the characters needed for our first project.

    So, we can't wait to hear you all! And Good luck! 

    By the way, our role plays are pure fan fictions, characters are of course owned by Cheritz. 

    If you do not know the game and would like to get to know the character, I'll place a link to their bio :)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold