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    About Love Underneath Lies - A Texting Story


    This will be a voiced reupload of my YouTube series called Love Underneath Lies. I will reupload the first few episodes with the voices, then continue throughout the series using voices.

    Be sure you are using a good microphone with as less background noise as possible. Any auditions with terrible audio will not be accepted, no matter how good your acting skills are.

    Please have Skype or Discord (preferably Discord). These are my two primary means of communication, and I will not take anyone who doesn't have either. Also, please be active on it, especially in the mornings (before 12pm), because those are the times that I will be starting voice sessions.

    This is a no-swearing series, just a note for any non-swearers out there (like me). So here are some rules:

    1. Be nice to everyone.

    2. Be cooperative. We won't take monkeys for our cast and crew.

    3. Add expression into your recording, not just in the audition, but also when you are casted for a role. I’m not gonna sit through one hour of you mumbling or stammering upon the lines.

    4. Please please PLEASE do let me know when you can’t hand in lines. Although this is not a hugely important series, I need to get lines done in time, but I will understand if you can’t record for some time.

    5. Any first offence of any of the above rules will receive a warning. Second warning for second offences. If third time happens in less than half a year of last offence, you will be completely kicked off the project.

    Also, if you would be nice enough, please do tell people about my YouTube series. I don’t get many views and would be grateful if you could point someone here.

    One last note: there may not be many roles now, but I will add more in the future. So stay tuned!

    Update: I will be changing some audition lines here due to a rewriting in the plot. For those of you who auditioned with the old lines, you do not have to worry. I'll still listen to yours.

    About the Creator: ThisKidOverHere


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold