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    About Love Live: Singing Sensation (Tournament)

    So you may be thinking: "Woah what, this is defiantly something new, what in tarination is this?" Well, I guess I'm here to tell you.

    As you all know, the name "Love Live" came from a event in Japan that made idol groups compete with eachother to see who indeed was the best idol group to stand above them all. I think; I'm a little hazy on this.

    So, in honor of Muse's final live and the near begining of Aquors, I thought, "Why not make something to see who truely is the best idol. Out of youtube. Or something." And so the creation of this happened.

    This is somewhat suppose to start once the WILD STARS project ends, or at least until I get enough members to partake in the event. A total of sixteen people will battle it out in five stages of total idol singing in order to make it to the top. Allow me to explain those rounds.

    The first stage is called the "Free Will" stage, where you will be able to pick any song- yes, any song- that you desire and sing it in order to get the most votes in the round. Pretty self explanitry, really.

    The second stage is called the "Subunit Trio" stage, where you will be free to pick any song that is from a subunit. Just so you know, the Soilder Game trio and NicoRinPana do not count. Not bringing in a subunit song- or any song really- by the deadline is immediantly an instant win to the opposing team. Get good scrubs.

    The third stage is called the "Dazzleling Duet" stage, where you may choose and duet song in the franchise. Any song as long as it's a duet song. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean you get to join hands with someone else. You're still rolling solo. Same rules apply here.

    The fourth and final stage is called the "Best Girl" stage, where you will sing a solo song from your best girl. That's it, that's all you gotta do.

    Now, you may be wondering: "LOOPY!! WHAT DO I GET OUT OF THIS?!"

    Urm, I don't know, this is all fun and games really. Maybe a duet with me with a song  of your choice if you really like that?? I don't know. I'll think of something.

    Now, for the loyal rules:

    - Do not bad mouth any other participates. This will result in an instant disquilificaton. This is suppose to be something where we'll encourage someone to do their best and all.

    - All genders are very much welcome. Go wild.

    - Songs from the Aquors are welcome. Though, for "Dazzeling Duet" you may want to stick with School Idol Project unless one comes around the corner. Also, subunit songs for Aquors were suppose to come as well, so there's that.

    - The song you will give in the auditions will be the song you sing for the "Free Will" stage. Once you post it in the auditions, you can't change it.

    - To join, you must at least have a Skype account and a Youtube Channel.

    - You are very welcome to help me with the presentation of things and all, if you so desire.

    - Sing in your normal voice. You're not asked to sing in the voices of the Love Live girls.

    - Once you're in the competition, there's not going out, so you need to stick with it until the end. Do not try to modify your voice to make it "better" or something. Your natural voice is enough, and you'll be out of the tournement if you do so.

    - You will pretty much be in charge of literally everything; mixing, instrumental, the cover picture you want in it, etc. I'll just be putting it all together to make into a video. If you can't do that, you aren't exactly permitted for this tourney. However, despite this, I will accept making cover pictures if anyone needs it. With the given theme and song choice, of course. Also, the video doesn't have to be amazing, but it needs to be something I can use.

    - Songs will be half a length long, the only time you will do a full length of a song is if you make it to the finals.

    - Votes are made from the strawpoll, do not try and object to this if you lose.

    - Auditions are made either here at Casting Call Club or sent to my email ([redacted]), that way I can keep a eye on auditions.

    - You'll need a good mic and NO BACKGROUND MUSIC WHATSOEVER. The microphone doesn't have to be top notch, but it has to be good enough.

    - Songs are to be sung in Japanese unless you and your opponent come to an agreement to sing in English, to which only then will it be fine.

    - Fail to meet the deadlines of sending in tournement videos will automatically be a instant win for the other person, if they do so happen to send it in on time as well. If both fail to send it in on time, I'll extend the deadline for them only once.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask !!

    About the Creator: loopyhoopz14

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold