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    About [CLOSED] Love Live! Idol OC Group Auditions [Formerly PR12M]

    Hello! We’re a Love Live! fan cover group that revolves around original characters! We are currently recasting for three singing roles as our previous members have graduated! We will be covering both μ's and Aqours songs in Japanese and possibly English. 

    Auditions are open for singers, animators, artists, and mixers!
    (Note: We won’t immediately cast Singer spots until the deadline hits. Mixers, Animators, and Artists may be notified through PM earlier than the deadline as there is no limit to those roles.)

    Deadline is Currently: May 26

    (*-6 GMT is Central Standard Time Currently.)

    (*Deadline will change depending upon the auditions for each role.)

    🌸 Singers will be auditioning for First Year: Smile or Cool, Third Year: Pure.  We are also casting an additional Smile, Cool, and Pure due to the influx of excellent auditions.

    • These three spots have opened up to the graduation of the members before them.
    • The other three spots will have their years determined once in the group chat.

    🌸 Once all spots are casted and everyone is confirmed, Character Creation can begin within. Even though this was a previously formed group, new members won't be using the previously made OCs and are free to create their own. 

    • The roles that are casted before the deadline are the current members of the group that were casted in the first audition. These characters are already made due to the roles being casted. However the open auditions have no attached characters, so you will have free reign over making your own character. 
      1. Previously casted members: Chiaki is the 1st Year Pure, Pia is the 2nd Year Smile, Sayuri is the 2nd year cool, Kaoru is the 2nd year Pure, Setsuna is the 3rd Year Smile, and Suzu is the 3rd year Cool.

    🌸 Subunits, the group name, etc. will be decided during Character Creation in chat!

    🌸 Artists, Mixers, and Animators can create a character too! Be apart of our story~  


    🌸 If casted as any part, please make sure to remain active by checking the Announcements channel on our Discord Server at least once every few days. It's super important to be active.

    🌸 If you’re auditioning as a singer, please sing at least 30 seconds of any Love Live! Song in Japanese or else we won't accept the audition. Japanese is mandatory, but you CAN sing in English after that if you want. 

    • You can have the background music playing, however, please make sure to keep your voice loud enough for us to hear. 

    • If you choose to have background music, please make sure to be using the Off Vocal/Karaoke version.

    • Please have a relatively clear mic and make sure there’s no background noise/static. (e.i. No vacuuming in the background or other people speaking.)

    🌸 If you’re auditioning for an animator, please send at least a 30 second example.

    🌸 Our messaging system is called Discord, so please download it OR use the browser version! You can also download it on iTunes and Google Play. (Note: This only applies to casted members, mixers, and animators.)

    🌸 If you’re auditioning for a mixer, please send at least a 40 second example of your work that has more than three voices minimum! Remember, there will be nine voices you’ll be working with!

    🌸 If you’re casted as mixer, animator, or artist before the deadline, that doesn’t guarantee a spot as a singer until the deadline.

    🌸 Please be respectful of everyone and remember to have fun! If you have any question, you can go ahead and send a PM to me or leave a comment. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold