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About Amestris Cover Group 【Love Live, Vocaloid, Jpop】

Welcome to the cover group Amestris’ Casting Call!

What is Amestris?

 Amestris is a Japanese cover group. We won’t be focusing only on Love Live, but also on Vocaloid songs and maybe even Jpop in general, so there will be quite a variety! There may be a chance that English covers will be inserted in the future of this group, but it hasn’t even started so let's not talk about that yet.

Where did the name ‘Amestris’ come from?

 There was originally a Love Live cover group that one of our directors was in, but unfortunately it went AFK after the first cover last year. 

Cast/Character Talk!

There will be 7 members in total, compared to the usual nine in Love Live groups. There will be subunits for LL covers. One will have 3 members while two will be a duo.

Here they are:

(Dios/Διος) Rei + Sae = Bibi/Cyaron
(Arcadia) Mikuru + Yoruko + Ayaka = Lily White/Guilty Kiss
(Ethereal) Naoki + Hikaru = Printemps/Azalea

You may have noticed something: 

The odd subunit lineup. We decided it would not be fair if the ‘Cool’ group got Bibi and Guilty Kiss covers, the same goes for the other two as well. 

The Idols!

Most of their Info will be on their casting boards but to simplify it, here are the members with their names and who’s their Love Live counterpart is (Aqours and Muse)

Ayaka Kaneko : Honoka, Chika

Hikaru Natsukawa : Eli, You

Yoruko Kobayashi : Maki, Hanamaru

Rei Akai : Kotori, Dia

Sae Suzuki : Hanayo, RIko

Naoki Umeda : Nico, Mari

Mikuru Kanagawa : Umi, Kanan

If you wonder about the personalities or appearances given or are not fond of a certain part character’s personality/look please do not worry. The cast will have the choice to change up the character’s appearance as long as it doesn't stray too far from her role. The looks are only placeholders in case the cast wants to fix them up. On the topic of the cast changing characters’ appearances, apart from a placeholder look and personality, the cast are fully allowed to write up a backstory for these characters.

For the people who were wondering about the vocaloid part of this group, here are the designated voice roles! These can be swapped around but for choruses, this is the usual line up:

Ayaka Kaneko : Miku Hatsune

Hikaru Natsukawa : Rin Kagamine

Yoruko Kobayashi : Luka Megurine

Rei Akai : Len Kagamine

Sae Suzuki : GUMI

Naoki Umeda : KAITO

Mikuru Kanagawa : MEIKO

*Please note. We may be doing vocaloid solo songs. In that scenario, the cast can choose whatever song they wish that fits the character. 

Now setting the characters aside, let’s focus more on the technical and writing side of this project.

There will be character introductions and a story to follow. It won’t be very frequent but from the planned schedule, we will release small stories, in similar fashion to SIF (School Idol Festival)’s

Every 3-4 months. This can change but for now we keep it like that, so that the cast isn’t flooded with deadlines.

What about Artists, Animators,Mixers and Scriptwriters?

 We already have one of each but it would be very helpful to expand the staff. To sign up for staff positions, here’s the form:


  1. Good mic quality. We don’t mind a little white noise during recordings but please make sure your voice is clear. Echos are not really recommended but if its a small one, we can edit those out. Please make sure your voice volume stays relatively the same when during choruses.

  2. We will be using Discord to communicate so please do have an account, as that would be very helpful.

  3. Please respect others’ auditions and other members. Negativity and stirring up too much drama will get you recasted. A light tease or joke is okay but please don’t take it too far.

  4. Please be committed to the group. We don’t want casted members to suddenly disappear, we will be worried. If you had indeed lost interest in the group, please message one of the directors.

Public Discord server:

There will be NO Pre-casting before the deadline. If we do happen to reach the deadline and there are not enough auditions, we will most likely extend the deadline.

IG: @Amestris.Idols

CC art all together:030

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me in the comments or discord server!

Director Cheiyun's Instagram (Art): 030

Director Kasumi's channel:  030

Milk (Sprite Editor) channel + examples of edits:

Channel: 030

Edits: 030

Thank you for lasting through this long description.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold